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Hero 7 Black foggy video

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Hello everyone,


Just got back from a cruise using my new GoPro Hero 7 black.   The cruise stop at Cozumel, Grand Cayman and Jamaica in that order.

Of all the videos I took through out the cruise including the ones on the ship,  the only ones that came out foggy was on Grand Cayman while at Stingray City (sandbar with water depth around 5 feet).   The weather and temperature both air and water is the same on all 3 ports,  sunny around 82-85 F .   On Cozumel I did swimming and snorkeling and on Jamaica also beach swimming on snorkeling,  but no foggy.  So what's the different what I did with the GoPro in Grand Cayman?   


Let's start from the beginning.   On Cozumel while swimming and snorkeling I only turn on GoPro when I want to video or take picture, for few minutes then I turned it off,   but once in a while I could not turn on the GoPro by pressing the power button,  I have to get out of the water, dry the camera,  take out the battery and put it back in in order to be able to turn on the camera.   


Next stop is Grand Cayman,  this time at Sting Ray City,  it is sand bar, water depth was about 5 feet deep, worrying that I will have the problem where the power button is not responsive, I left the GoPro on all the time while I'm the water for about 45 minutes.  Note not all those time I was recording video.  I video both above and under the water. The 1st 10 minutes of video clips look fine, but after that all the clips are foggy.     Could this be from the GoPro was overheat if I left it on all the time?


Next stop was Jamaica.  This time I was on the beach once in a while going down into the water I only turn it on when needed to take pictures or video,  all the videos clips came out fine.


So is it possible that the reason my videos got foggy while in Grand Cayman because I left it on for long time and it became overheat and with the water moisture it became steamy or foggy ?   Strange that the videos in Cozumel and Jamaica cam out fine.


Anyone has similar experience and how do you over come it ?



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Re: Hero 7 Black foggy video

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Hi @miker060


The information on should help you out.