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Hero 7 Black Video Transfer Problems

Hello everyone, this is my first GoPro and I'm already stuck with some problems.


I have recorded a 1080 120fps video which is 15:21 minutes long, it is totally fine when I see it on the GoPro, but when I import it into my computer or wireless transfer to my phone, it separated to two parts with 08:34 and 06:47, which is two completely separated video!! This happened to me all the time and it is my third time with this issue. And when I try to combine them but there are not any apps that can help me, I have tried to Quik from GoPro but I cannot find the part to combine them, anyone knows how to combine them or solve this problem? Thank you!!!

Also, with the overheating problem, but I guess most of the GoPro user are facing the overheating problem so yeah...

Does anyone have the same issue?

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Re: Hero 7 Black Video Transfer Problems

Hi @kisonxxx,

What's happening is that the files are being chaptered. When taking a video recording, the camera will automatically segment into a new file chapter once it has reached a certain size.

Chapter length for HERO7 Black:

  • Chapter size: approx. 4.0 GB
  • Chapter size with Looping set to 5 min: 1 minute
  • Chapter size with Looping set to 20 min and above:  5 minutes

This chaptering is intentional and there is no way to keep the camera from doing so. Chapters are divided like this so in the event of a jolt or crash that causes a file to become corrupted, only a portion of your video will be effected and not the whole thing. While there is a file recovery feature in the camera, chaptering is a precaution step just in case the feature is unable to fix the video.


These files when put together with editing software will play seamlessly as if they were never chaptered, and when played back from the camera directly will also play through as one continuation. 

You can check this list of editing applications that work well with GoPro files as shared by a Hub member. 


There are also some software suggestions in this article that will help.


If you would like product or tutorial videos to better understand these other applications, I recommend searching online video hosting websites (such as Youtube, Vimeo, etc) for published videos or other 3rd party generated content.


As far as overheating, when using 2.7K and higher resolutions, and/or frame rates above 60fps, it is normal for the camera to become warm and use more power when using these modes. Lack of airflow around the camera and using the camera with the GoPro App can also increase camera temperature and power consumption, and decreases camera recording time. 
You can check this article for the full list of estimated continuous recording time of the HERO7 cameras.

If your camera is getting a run time that is significantly shorter than the expected battery life, despite you using a recommended SD card and the camera being updated to the latest firmware version, you may perform a short record time test through the instructions here.

Kind Regards,