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Hero 7 Black Unresponsive, cannot turn off etc.

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Hi All,


Apologies if this has been covered but I can't find and exact match to the issue I am having on the forum.


Firmware version: 01.61

SD Card: SanDisk 64Gb Extreme U3 A2 V30 (also tried a Toshiba card at 100mbps)

All Camera Modes


I have tried formatting the SD card, resetting the camera and updating the firmware.


Love the quality, vidoes etc of the Hero 7 black, but there are major issues with powering it off, and the screen becomming unresponsive. please see below.





The issue appears to be when trying to power off the device, it then powers back on, the screen controls and physical buttons do nothing at all. The screen moves and shows what the camera is pointing at, but it completely unresponsive.


If anyone has any ideas, or if GoPro themselves can comment or get this resolved ASAP that would be great. This shouldn't happen on a premium "market leading" product of this price range.






GoPro Hero 7 Black becomes unresponsive after trying to power down. Hero 7 black problems. Ever since I bought this camera I have had issues with it freezing...
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Re: Hero 7 Black Unresponsive, cannot turn off etc.

Same issue here. Repeatedly gets into non-responsive state. Fails to power down. Camera gets hot.  Lots of battery pulls.

Very frustrating for an expensive product.

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Re: Hero 7 Black Unresponsive, cannot turn off etc.

hi guys,

did you make a manual software upgrade?


use this link for manual update, from desktop...


follow the "manual update link"


the serial number you can find it from camera menu, no need to struggle to read as they say...

Preferences > About > Camera Info > serial number


copy the zip, unzip-it

copy the 3 files in a fresh formatted microSD card under an "UPDATE" folder

introduce the microSD card in the camera.

be sure you have enough battery >50% let's say.

power it on.

wait for the upgrade to finish.

format the card again from camera menu:

Reset > Format > SD card

and you are good to go...


here is an old post of mine:



updated to 1.61 - without formatting before the SD card and I encounter in 2 days, 3 times:

- split video screen 

- freeze image

- at the end freeze camera


Plus, the camera was slow responding:

- in menu

- power on/off

- when stop a video recording

- in understand voice commands 


What I did is:

- factory reset on H7 - I did not make the initial setup (language, pair with phone, etc....), power off

- format SD card in the laptop

- copied the UPDATE folder

- made the manual update

- format again the SD card 

- went through the initial settings (language, pair with phone...)


the effect is visible:

- camera moves between menus very well

- no more delays in responding to power on/off, to video stop recording

- understands the voice commands better

- I recorded more than 70h of video, all 4K, with and w/o Protune, w and w/o stabilization - no more freeze, no more issues.


give it a try...


---and do not forget the rule of thumb:

- gopro is not good at all in dealing with "holes" in the SD card space

- so do not delete files from SD card

- copy what you need from the card

- and format it before starting a new video session, from camera menu


just me,


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Re: Hero 7 Black Unresponsive, cannot turn off etc.

Hi Robert. I haven't tried manually updating yet. I updated to the latest version via the android app.

I will give this a try as soon as I get home and will post back once I've had a chance to test it.

Many thanks for this,

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Re: Hero 7 Black Unresponsive, cannot turn off etc.

Hi Robert,


I have performed the manual update using the steps provided and have exactly the same issue. Unfortunately, I am considering asking for a refun on the camera now as the price tag of this product is too high, and should not have issues like this at all.

I have seen elsewhere on the forum that mine is not an isolated incident, but appears to be happning to many others also.  :-(

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Re: Hero 7 Black Unresponsive, cannot turn off etc.

Hi @jackl6164


If the manual update did not clear the issue, please reach out to our Support Team.

They area available by phone or chat through 

Please have your camera's serial number and proof of purchase ready.




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Re: Hero 7 Black Unresponsive, cannot turn off etc.

Hi Guys,

Just to make you all aware. GoPro support beleive this is a software issue and have asked me send it back to them (Netherlands). 

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Re: Hero 7 Black Unresponsive, cannot turn off etc.

I have the same issue. Unresponsive and draining battery which makes it getting so hot I think it's really dangerous especially when I kept it in a bag NOT knowing that it was actually still ON!!!

Battery got so HOT that when I pulled it out and changed to a new battery, I could not hold that hot battery long in my hands!

When are we getting UPDATES for this problem?? Are we getting any???

It has been the problem apparently since last year like probably since over 6 months ago??!