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Hero 7 Black Standby mode is draining my battery

I have a Go Pro Hero 7 Black. Since I know that the battery is draining quickly, I would normally shut it off to save battery life.

However, everytime I would pick it up again, it seems like it is still running despite turning it off and my battery's all drained out.


What's the right way to shut a camera off? Looks like the standby mode has been draining a lot of battery life as well. A bit upsetting.

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Re: Hero 7 Black Standby mode is draining my battery

@juliannem3, typically, battery discharging can be caused by noisy non-GoPro chargers. Using GoPro USB-C cable will help prevent this. I've also found that fully charging the battery to 100%, then removing and reinserting it back may also help.


In addition to this, it is important to determine battery integrity to make sure that your camera works smoothly. You may perform a short record time test through the instructions here


Reinstalling the firmware update of the camera can help correct any errors with the current software installation. Follow the manual update instructions specified on this article: 


Should you still get a runtime that is significantly shorter than the expected battery life, despite you using a recommended SD card and the camera being updated to the latest firmware, let our Support team know. This way, they can help you with the next steps. You may reach them by phone or chat.