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Hero 7 Black RAW Audio is useless

Audio RAW Hero 7 - asynchronous and too short - not usable!


I did some recording, using RAW Audio, my experience: forget RAW Audio!


Gopro Hero 7 Black offers ability to record an additional wav file to the mp4 video, which contains all three channels, stereo K1 right K2 left and mono front micro K3. This wav file is not in sync with the eponymous mp4 video. In addition, the wav file is shorter than the mp4 file, it lacks 4 frames in the lower example and about 28 frames in the back.


Example from 22.12.2018, NLE Adobe Premiere Pro CS6:


Video clip 2,7k / 50p, PAL, linear GH010066.mp4 -1m19ss12ff, = 1: 19: 23040 audiosamples

Audio RAW, low, GH010066.wav -1m18ss.06ff, = 1: 18: 11520 audiosamples


If the beginning of the video file is 0 on the timeline, then the beginning of the wav file must be shifted 4 frames to the right, so that it is almost synchronous.


However, to adjust sync correctly, by right-clicking on the name of the sequence on the top left of the timeline and selecting the option "Show audio time units" in the new menu.

Now you can synchronize the soundtracks at a click sound, then you can disable this display option again and cut frame wise exactly.


Due to the synchronization of the mp4 video track with the raw audio tracks, the video track has to be shortened, at the front by 4, at the back by 28 frames. The clip, which was previously 1m19ss12ff long, is thereafter only 1m18ss05ff long, so lacks about 1 whole second !!


Now you can link the two stereo tracks K1 and K2 with the video track of the mp4 file (before you delete the audio track or separates it and moves it down to an empty audio track that you mute).


With so much reworking the use of the RAW audio of the Hero 7 makes no sense. The small advantage of sound quality is worth the time expenditure by no means. The sound quality behind the UW micromembrane is not inspiring anyway, only useful for voice recordings in family movies.


Gopro praises RAW Audio as a great feature, but conceals the asynchronism in the cut. As long as Gopro does not provide exact synchronicity, this is a completely useless feature.


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Re: Hero 7 Black RAW Audio is useless

GoPro should remove Pro from their name.


There is nothing professional about the many software glitches in the firmware.


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Re: Hero 7 Black RAW Audio is useless

Gopro thinks that every bew year we need desperately buy the new gopro series that claims to have a bunch off improvements that in fact are hidden under small letters. Last Gopro I bought was the 6 Hero Black, first one I got was the GPH 4. The pro 4 gets better sound, do not have loocked the hdmi output for 4k, did not claim to record HDR videos, and should it be my last adquisition from GOPRO. Now I’ve known because a mail about the series 7 claiming a sale discount. As a dissapointed user of the series 6 I can confirm to GOPRO that I won’t ever give a cent for your products anymore. People needs better cameras, not just a number uñgraded in the case and worst audio, video, locked features and false claimed improvements in new models that year by year are getting more and more useless than before.


bye bye GP.

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Re: Hero 7 Black RAW Audio is useless

Totaly true Johannm4750. Raw audio does not synch with mp4 audio. When raw audio is enabled, it should replace the whole audio in the mp4 with a 6 chanel wav file. First two as the processed audio from gopro and the others as the raw audio. Everything would be in synch and you could mute the one you don't use and and process the others the way you want.


This would also make it easier if you have a long video file and create an edit with small different pieces of it. Audio would follow and that would be great.


I guess they don't do it that way because of playback issue with wav embeded in an mp4. I think audio needs to be aac to follow the standards :(


So, too much complicated for now. 

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