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Hero 7 Black Quick Capture clip length and shutdown

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Re the Hero 7 Black on the latest firmware, can anyone tell me if it’s normal for pressing quick capture to result in a single small sub 10 minute video clip with the camera switching off automatically? The result is I never know if the camera is recording without stopping and looking at it.


I do have automatic power off enabled but I thought this only came into action during periods of inactivity.


I used to own a Garmin VIRB Ultra and the quick capture facility on this would just continue recording until battery or storage were used, which is how I hoped the gopro to behave.





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Re: Hero 7 Black Quick Capture clip length and shutdown

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FW 1.70 you are exeriencing  a shut down with QC (Quick Capture , and it happens  at any given time.  COuld you at least tell us the  File size of your vido's  that it happened on  Did it  happen  at 9 minutes, or 2 minutes.?   the actual chapter of a file will be 4gb (3.84gb) at 8:30 plus secs.,


COuld you  manually Dl the fW 1.70 and flaash again and keep an eye on it.  Gopro reps do npt want you to go   Down a level in firmware they always want yoou to be on the latest,   Maybe that will fix it by downgrading to fw 1.6* and testing  your issue out.