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Re: Hero 7 Black Over Heating :-(

Protective lens glass is raised after overheating ! When the camera cools down, the glass goes back !


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Re: Hero 7 Black Over Heating :-(

Aloha,  just took out my new GoPro 7 Silver. Im

on Maui Hawaii during winter. Got about fifteen minutes of beautiful whale action and poof, camera freezes. Red light blinking and completely stops working. How can I get this camera to cool off? 

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Re: Hero 7 Black Over Heating :-(


Hi @snowypeak18051


To isolate the issue, please go over these steps and find out how your camera fares..


Let us know how it goes.




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Re: Hero 7 Black Over Heating :-(

The problem is this has been a problem since GoPro brought 4K recording to their products.  While some have said that's the technology, that's BS.  Fix the issue.  The issue is heat, not long recording times.  My 4 black would shut off and take a very long time to cool down enough to be usable again.  Whether these 7s shut down I don't know...I've not picked one up yet myself, but for other things like long drives, it quickly becomes unusable. 


However, I appreciate the packaging limitation. You're trying to cram a lot into a very small space.  There's only so much you can do.


Perhaps a version where waterproofness isn't as much as a concern to allow for better cooling capacity.

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Re: Hero 7 Black Over Heating :-(

hi all,


I'll share here my test also.....


with Samsung Evo plus 256GB

in a 25 C office (77 F)

firmware 1.70CelsiusFahrenheit


after 30min entered on a steady temperature situation.  


I took the battery out as soon as I stopped the test.


the battery is also 54C (129F) as the front of the camera.


I said in the previous post that I suspect also the battery discharge is producing a high amount of heat when the consumption is high.



with SanDisk Extreme 128GB (this is the one I use in hero 6)

in a 25 C office (77 F)

at 4K 50fps

after 15min 56 C = 133 F

after 20min 57 C = 134 F

after 28min 60 C = 140 F  


so...microSD card counts.


put this in a energy budget approach.... the less performance the microSD card has, the more energy is needed to write on the card (processor time, memory consumtion, etc.), so the electronics and the battery get more hot.


thank you,


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Re: Hero 7 Black Over Heating :-(

I really wish we would have taken the time to read all these reviews before making a purchase.Two months in first purchase being the 7 silver got hot day one in the mountains while attempting to use in the snow! should have been red flag!!! so we upgraded quickly to black thinking this has to be better and needed for our trip to the mexican rivera. I left my canon home like an idiot.We were not able to use while on vacay for long period meaning no more then twenty mintues befotre it would power off d/t overheating.Support advised to format SD card which is the correct one (sandisk extreme) that has been completed and all gopros updated and now they are saying dont use the app and internet at same time or something to that affect, GOPRO I DIDNT WORK AND NOW I HAVE TWO OF YOUR TOP MODELS GETTING HOT AND TWENTY MINTUES OF MEMORIES FROM A 7 DAY VACATION WITH GRANDCHILDREN BECAUSE I THOUGHT I HAD TOP OF THE LINE RECRDING EQUITMENT!! HOW DO YOU MAKE YOUR CUSTOMERS HAPPY?? Feeling sad anfd unhappy.

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Re: Hero 7 Black Over Heating :-(

I feel you brother same case as mine and GOPRO would not take the blame or reply to the issue. I using my hero black just as a regular hero 3 taking videos at 1080p and not 4K because of the over heating
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Re: Hero 7 Black Over Heating :-(

@robert1326. Thank you for sharing these results. We will let our team know about it so they can take a closer look and test as well. 


@sparksrnumber1 and @sparksrnumber1 . It is normal for the camera to warm up specially when being charged or when recording in high performance modes. Although we do not have exact values on extreme temperatures that the cameras can handle, there are steps here that will help fix issues when cameras are operating in extreme temperatures. If this is not what's happening on your end, let our Support team know so they can assist further.