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Re: Update...

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I forgot to report that - using this set-up - I could record at 4K 60 w/ Protune / W / Stabilized ( connections off on both but GPS active in the Ulanzi case ) to the entire 128gb cards without thermal shutdown ( over 3 hours ) on both Hero7 Black Cameras - one in a stock cage and the other in the modified Ulanzi case with external mic...


Maximum Temps reached 70 - 72*c on the Ulanzi set-up and 66 - 68*c on the stock caged camera... Careful picking them up BTW...


The temps were aided by the fact that it "appears" that a Dusk Grey 7 black runs about 2*c cooler than the "Black" version and is why I used the Dusk Grey camera in the Ulanzi housing...


It should be noted that these tests were run "indoors" so I imagine that when on a vehicle and at speed there should be some abient cooling affect from wind-flow...



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Re: Hero 7 Black Over Heating :-(

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Ok, let’s give a lesson. 


4K 60P requires the camera to work the sensor and processing circuits quite thoroughly. In turn, as the processor churns out the quality footage, it heats up. No different to revving your car hard, the motor is going to heat up quite rapidly. Now the car has radiator fans and fluid to assist with heat dissipation, where as the little GoPro, Osmo pocket, Osmo action, pretty much any camera on earth that records 4K 60p, needs to radiate the heat through the camera body. This is why these cameras get quite hot. Yes, it nd many other cameras can lock up should the heat become excessive, it’s normal in this world of physics. Your brain locks up when your core temperature exceeds a certain range too and you........pass out. 


As as a consumer, you have to appreciate the work, design and effort these manufacturers go to in order to make your cameras small. To avoid overheating record shorter length clips as this will insure your camera does not heat up as much.  These cameras were designed to be used in high impact and high motion environments if you find that you are using the camera in a stationary position then it cannot use any wind flow to dissipate the heat unlike a scenario where it’s on a motorcycle pushbike or a skier is holding it and the wind is rushing past in assisting to dissipate heat.


hope this helps. 





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Re: Hero 7 Black Over Heating :-(

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Gee, Thanks for the lesson ??...


I will refrain from my usual snark and only offer this to those who may still be interested....




The intention of my posts and updates were simply to offer some insight into how far - in my specific use-case scenario - I am able to push this equipment before going into a thermal-overload situation and lose valuable footage - - remembering of course we are talking about motorsports situations where there is no way to determine if a camera has failed, no way to pit / stop the race to fix / exchange out  the overheating camera and there are no do-overs...


The GoPro Hero7 Black is / are new equipment for me as, in the past, I have been accomplishing my motorsports videography for the past 10 or so years using DSLR's - I had one failed foray in to action cameras about 3 years ago using cheaper CN knock-off cameras because I wanted to see if the tech could stand up and be useful without a major investment into GoPro products... my bad / dumbassadry... It / I failed in this endeavor and went back to DSLRs...


Everything I have researched has suggested that GoPro - in the form of the Hero7 Black - is fully capable of helping me accomplish my goals... 


I am not the original poster and perhaps I should have started a new thread instead of hijacking this one - but the conversation seemed like it had run it's course and I thought those subscribers who were concerned about this "issue" may wish to see a little more in the way of actual semi-scientific testing just in case they may gain some insight into how my results "may" help them...


With this in mind, allow me to make a few points...


- I was not aware of what some have suggested is an inherent thermal flaw in the Hero7 Black - when I read this here I NEEDED to know if I could trust the cameras when in use... I needed to know for myself and thus the testing...


- The testing I did was at the highest bitrate available for the purpose of torture testing the cameras... This was on purpose to generate the MOST heat possible and see if they failed in my use-case scenario... 


- Testing indoors in a static / non-air moving environment was - too - meant to add to the "torture" aspect and push the cameras to their thermal limits... ( mounting cameras to a car and testing them by driving around at race speeds for 2 hours is a bit more difficult and costly to say the least )


- In motorsports Videography a decent "authentic" soundtrack is the difference between video that sells and video that doesn't ( at least well )... Show me a video of a motorsports / speed event where there is ONLY a "rock and roll" soundtrack and I'll show you someone who never took the time to engineer good sound recording  - - - so you can understand my experimentation with various wind / sound solutions incorporated into my testing and how they might affect my success...


- In my DSLR work I have generally used external sound recording devices (Zoom brand) but this whole set-up is heavy (dangerous too if it falls off during an event) and cumbersome to set-up up - not to even get into the post-processing (syncing by itself is a HUGE PITA)...


- Additionally, the weight and size of DSLR equipment has limited me to shooting from inside a car for about 80% of the time - in the early days it was tolerated but now most sanctioning bodies do not allow for external mounting of such heavy equipment for safety reasons - I know of 1 event where a camera came off a car and hit / injured a corner worker... GoPro's are now the norm / well accepted / safer & MUCH MUCH less expensive...


My take-aways - based on my tests thus far - are...


- YMMV but, for the most part, even at extreme bitrates / heat generation, the Hero7 Black will suit my needs while providing a compact, easy to use, lightweight, all-in-one solution...


- Talk of thermal failures could be "somewhat" warranted in some / extreme situations but, even in those extremes, there are ways to overcome these issues if you are willing to learn and adapt...


- There is NO substitute for using a decent external microphone in my use-case -> wind / speed / intense sound db variations...


In my case, it is likely that 1080p 60 is probably the highest resolution / bitrate I will need to go under "normal" circumstances but it is nice to know that, with the modifications I have shown here, it is also possible to get the Hero7 Black to perform in the "extremes"....


Perhaps if I have more to share I will start my own thread... 




Geez that turned into a long-assed reply - shoulda just stuck with the snark... Smiley Tongue

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Hero 7 Over Heating Even When is Off?

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This is absurd! They should recall this product. Now, after trying every recommendation, my Hero 7 is heating up even when is off. I have to remove the battery every time I turn it off, otherwise it keeps heating up until the battery is drained. Their advertisement is deceiving. I wish I had kept my old 3+ black.        

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Re: Hero 7 Over Heating Even When is Off?

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Hello @lineuv46237.  Sorry to hear about that. Is the SD card left on the camera, too when you turn it off with the battery in? Is the SD card among the recommended ones on this list? If it is, and the camera has already been manually updated to the latest firmware and there is no visible damage on the battery or camera, the next step would be to engage our Support team. Please get  in touch with them through . Best regards!

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Re: Hero 7 Black Over Heating :-(

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Alors moi cet weekend j'ai fait une petite viré en voiture. J'ai mis ma GoPro 7 black sur le tableau de bord et hop (la clim de ma voiture tourne tout l’année à 20 dégréés).


Environ 15-20 min après j'ai remarqué que le voyant rouge ne clignotait plus.


J'étais étonné de m'apercevoir que la caméra était brulante et qu’elle avait enregistré qu’un clip de 14 min à 4Kx60.


Avant de l’acheter j’ai fait des recherches et je me suis rendu compte que la batterie ne serait pas formidable donc j’ai aussi acheté une batterie supplémentaire et un chargeur qui avait aussi une batterie. J’ai 3 batteries mais avec le surchauffement de la caméra qui l’éteint, je suis grave déçu de cette caméra. J’avais la 3+ et j’ai acheté celle-ci pour la résolution 4K, fallait juste que quelqu’un me prévienne qu’on peut l’utiliser sur cette configuration que pendant 15 minutes !!!


Je la garderais pour l’hiver, pour le ski, je pense que là le problème de surchauffe sera résolu.


Si toi qui lis ça, t’as pas encore achetée une GoPro 7, NE L’Achète SURTOUT PAS !!!!!!!!!

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Re: Hero 7 Black Over Heating :-(

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Hi @renegade78


For cameras that feature unique high-performance video modes: 2.7K and higher resolutions, and/or frame rates above 60fps, it is normal for the camera to become warm and use more power when using these modes.

Other factors that can increase camera temperature and power consumption, and decreases camera recording time. 

  • Lack of airflow around the camera
  • Using the camera with the GoPro App

If the camera gets too hot, a message appears on the screen indicating that the camera is shutting down. The camera stops recording, saves your video, disconnects from the GoPro App, and powers off. If this happens, let your camera sit and cool before attempting to use it again. 

For extended recording time in high-performance video modes, capture shorter video clips when in stationary use, and/or limit your use of features that increase power consumption, such as the GoPro App or BacPac accessories. To control your camera remotely at higher temperatures, use the GoPro remote instead of the GoPro App.


For longer recordings, other users also suggest taking the battery out and letting the camera run off the external power source.

Let us know how it goes.





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Re: Hero 7 Black Over Heating :-(

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I shoot video of my band in 1 hour intervals.  it will heat up but not over heat like they say.

Also it heatsup more with the stablization on, turn off the stablization if using a tripod or clamp.