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Re: Hero 7 Black - Hypersmooth Panning Issue

@agilestoke40735 Glad someone else finally agrees. @danielr15 is so blatantly a gopro employee posing as a customer. Notice he has never had a bad thing to say about gopro? His gopro could literally set fire in his hands and he would say "oh but this could happen to any camera, did you know gopro footage looks incredible!?!?".
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Re: Hero 7 Black - Hypersmooth Panning Issue

Love reading through this thread having been away for a bit and it's the same old crap.

Pretty juch just @danielr15 commenting utter crap and calling people trolls if they don't agree with him.

If someone has something to say they have the right to say it without some know it all coming along and putting them down.

Daniel reminds me of that sweaty overweight tech kid in school that would answer every question in class with a stutter and a lisp, and if you disagree with him would just squeal.

But even though this thread is FULL of daniel insulting others, prepare now for "you're such a troll". Get a life daniel please.

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Re: Hero 7 Black - Hypersmooth Panning Issue

Well I did just purchase a Feiyutech G6 plus gimbal. I will format the memory card I received with my GoPro again tomorrow. I will try it again and see if the video still looks fuzzy.

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Re: Hero 7 Black - Hypersmooth Panning Issue

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@danielr15 wrote:

@agilestoke40735 wrote:

@danielr15 - "@agilestoke40735 WHAT IS YOUR MALFUNCTION? 😂🤣😋"


I'm not paid by GoPro to hype stuff like you.


Really, I am?  Can't wait to get my first check! @fishycomics you get your check yet?  

Actuall I used the corp card  and had Dinner last night on them



And I tell you it was good till I got back homei felt Blurry knowing I wiped my  screen  perfectly clean.  better yet the members here have no clue whatt he hell tehy are doing as well me. b/c what baffles me is  the Crap  the hero 7 is  on FW 1.61 dam if I believed I was am gopro Employee I be a Monkeys Uncle. 



Oh the crap is perfect or   Izt's NOT

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Re: Hero 7 Black - Hypersmooth Panning Issue

Just too words: "thank you" for this upgrade

Just perfect for FPV now Smiley Happy

Perfect now with the new firmware! FPV quad: Xhover Stingy Gopro hero 7 black @ 2.7K 60fps rendered at 30fps Hypersmooth / Superview / protune
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Re: Hero 7 Black - Hypersmooth Panning Issue

I saw the new firmware update fixes the slow pan issue. Great but, having just returned from a vacation BEFORE the update was available, is there a way to fix the stuttering pans?

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Re: Hero 7 Black - Hypersmooth Panning Issue


Hi @evank88,


If it was taken before the update looks like it's impossible to fix those footage. 


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Re: Hero 7 Black - Hypersmooth Panning Issue

You can manually or semiautomatically improve a stutter-pan a bit in a PC/Mac.  


This would not be something for newer folks who may have taken days to finally gotten their camera firmware-updated. 


A pain tho and I hopefully u don't have all panning footage for long time periods.  


Consult with a video guru if this is beyond you but you still really need the footage.