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Re: Hero 7 Black - Hypersmooth Panning Issue

It amazes me how many people are seemingly unbothered by this and say it's normal.

The obvious panning problems on the Hero 7 are NOT normal. They are clearly worse than most cameras. I have used a lot of cameras with stabilisation and this does not happen near as bad, especially with optical stabilisation.

I think as someone else mentioned, panning is essential to most travel videos, which is a huge amount of GoPro users intention.

There needs to be a pan mode where this doesn't happen. It's completely video breaking. If it was subtle I wouldn't mind but it isn't.
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Re: Hero 7 Black - Hypersmooth Panning Issue

I don't think people are unbothered and think it's normal as you say.


I look at it as just learning what a device can do, finding out some secrets for best use and then trying to use those. 


It's more that you can see the issue along with other ways to handle it during a shoot.   


Things like using a polarizer, exposure compensation, non-stock PROtune use them as needed.   


I've done many hours of shooting with both the 6 and 7 in the last week.  EIS off, standard and HyperSmooth EIS, gimbal, mounted. 


Go look over slow pans with 6 EIS versus gimbal or 6 noEIS.    6 aint perfect by any means for slow pans.   


Try using different modes too, or for instance in a more cropped option if you think about it, there is more "room" to lessen panning artifacts.  


And enjoy Hypersmooth for what it can do best, action, things moving or getting wet, the wonderful Timewarp mode.  


Often an event photographer might have a few camera bodies with deliberately different lenses and setups so that they just grab the one they need that instant, or the other.   It's nice to have more than one GoPro handy and setup for a particular application. 


Normally GoPro has new products come out around this time of year, and be later in the year a firmware update comes out.   Maybe another a few months later into the following year.


I'd imagine the same thing will happen this time too.  


However knowing how the EIS operates, it is unlikely a tweak will beat a tripod or gimbal for a slow pan of static scenery that would really show up any panning stutters. 


If you want great pans, a gimbal or tripod works great.   


GoPro has lots of enthusiastic and talented people working there.   If they can, they'll add a tweak or two to the stabilization, I know they will.  


My preference would be to have that happen transparently in some manner, such as selecting horizontal pan mode which uses the EIS to a point less than the 6.   But other axes are left on full.  That may not be easily done as other image corrections are affected.   For other use cases there is no issue so you plan accordingly.



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Re: Hero 7 Black - Hypersmooth Panning Issue



You make some good points, but do consider that the average GoPro consumer doesn't carry around a huge rig with DSLR's for panning/zooming, GoPro for action, etc etc.


A lot of people who buy GoPro's are your average person travelling and wanting to capture awesome footage to upload later. They don't need zooming and other features not offered by GoPro but they do need panning.


Obviously a lot of these people will be very dissapointed to see that their lovely cinematic pans of Machu Picchu etc are ruined by the stabilisation which claims gimbal like but obviously doesn't provide that for panning.


GoPro don't have to do anything, the camera is already incredible. But in my opinion this camera has the potential to be the ultimate travel camera if they can fix this. Just a simple option for panning mode would be perfect.

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Re: Hero 7 Black - Hypersmooth Panning Issue

i did not experience this with my gopro, slow panning work fine for me; i will upload and share a little test today ;)



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Re: Hero 7 Black - Hypersmooth Panning Issue

@quickhero77554 - "But in my opinion this camera has the potential to be the ultimate travel camera if they can fix this. "


Just listen to Abe Kislevitz: "I won’t be ditching my Karma Grip anytime soon for a few select reasons. I want to make sure you know the limitations of HyperSmooth to help aid in getting the most out of your HERO7."


Just use a proper gimbal.


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Re: Hero 7 Black - Hypersmooth Panning Issue


Please read my previous comments. I HAVE a proper gimbal and I will use it when I need to. Most however do not and the panning issue is video breaking not just a slight inconvenience.

GoPro market this camera as having gimbal like stabilisation, but it clearly doesn't. Why lie? Why are you content with that? Cameras should be able to pan without looking like garbage.
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Re: Hero 7 Black - Hypersmooth Panning Issue

Cameras have settings. They have settings because not every situation or shooting scenario is the same. Knowing the camera and what settings are best for each scenario/shooting situation is key. As it stands, Hypersmooth is not a good setting for slow panning. It's not designed for it. Luckily, like with other settings, you can turn it off.

Now, does that mean GoPro will not continue to work on improving Hypersmooth? No, I suspect as they get more feedback, which BTW can be left here , they will make improvements. However, there always has to be trade offs. Do they customize the Hypersmooth stabilization for improved performance for action sports, or the vacationing traveler/aspiring cinematographer using an action camera for their scenic panning shots?

I do think it would be great if you could choose between Standard, Hypersmooth, and 2-axis stabilization. Perhaps it's in the works. Maybe we'll see it in a future firmware or maybe not until a future camera comes out. Either way, it's certainly not happening today, just a week after the camera was released world wide.

As far as gimbal like, yes, it is gimbal like. Does that mean the exact same performance in every situation? No, of course not. Hence the, "like". Should it also fail at 60mph, have sensitive motors, be vulnerable to the elements and deep sea diving? Maybe Hypersmooth should also increase the weight of the camera and make it more bulky and difficult to mount. Of course, Hypersmooth should also create the nauseating up and down bob that so often happens when people walk with a Gimbal.

You're right! Hypersmooth is not "Gimbal like" at all :)
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Re: Hero 7 Black - Hypersmooth Panning Issue



I'm sorry but that is yet another comment from Daniel that adds nothing to the conversation. If you have nothing meaningful to add don't say anything. Obviously "gimbal like" is referring to perfomance so please just stop trying to be funny. 


As far as turning off hypersmooth to be able to pan, that's fine but then obviously there is loads of shake which is also not ideal. The older GoPro models didn't have this panning issue, and my point all along has been to put in a choice for the user to have a less stabilised setting to allow for panning that isn't broken by Hypersmooth, and isn't unusuably shaky. I never said "change hypersmooth for panning" as you're implying.


This problem has been documented by many others already in the first few weeks of release so I would hope GoPro are taking note.


Just one other thing to add. If the solution is turn hypersmooth off and use a gimbal, then why buy the new GoPro (considering the hgihlight feature is stabilisation. There is literally no point as an older model with a gimbal will have identical stabilisation.