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Re: Hero 7 Black - Hypersmooth Panning Issue

Re checking the DJI Osmo - recommend checking the Amazon reviews of DJI products. OK if you aren't spooked by many 1-star reviews for reliability and poor customer support. Even if GoPro never fixes the Hero 7 panning issues I'd keep it for what it CAN do. Granted I never shoot vast panoramas but I would keep it for the all-around incredible usefulness for my type of work, shooting in school classrooms and playgrounds, music rehearsals, events.

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Re: Hero 7 Black - Hypersmooth Panning Issue

Osmo or Osmo Pocket?


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Re: Hero 7 Black - Hypersmooth Panning Issue

@runbei, I really don't think I'll jump to the Osmo Pocket, but I have Love, Love, Loved my DJI Mavic 2 Pro. (Capital L) I know they make a great drone with a pretty solid gimbal. Why wouldn't that translated to a handheld device? Anyway I do love the other features of the Hero 7, but with my work, I gotta have a super smooth slow pan.


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Re: Hero 7 Black - Hypersmooth Panning Issue

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If panning is your thing, just use a gimbal.   


You can get lightly used Karma Grips for 80 dollars.   Refurbs for 200.   Aftermarkets too. 


The Osmo has a LOW data rate for panning, we'll see how that work out.   Remember that the GoPro uses the ~ twice as efficient / modern HEVC / H.265 codec instead of the Osmo's older (but more widely compatible with no effort ATM) H.264.  


Osmo looks kinda delicate / fragile.   


I know for sure that GoPros are rugged, as is my karma grip. 


Besides Osmo can't do action / water very well heh!

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Re: Hero 7 Black - Hypersmooth Panning Issue

Gopro has announced that this issue would be resolved with the next firmware. So wait & see!



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Re: Hero 7 Black - Hypersmooth Panning Issue


Seems like update has been published hours ago. I’m wondering whether I should buy H7B and this issue stops me.

Can someone check if this new firmware published today actually fixed the issue.

Thank you in advance
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Re: Hero 7 Black - Hypersmooth Panning Issue

Hello Everyone, 


The new firmware for HERO7 Black has been released. Details on performance and usability improvements are presented here

Please make sure to update to the latest firmware through



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Re: Hero 7 Black - Hypersmooth Panning Issue

Just did the manual update, as usual one via phone didn't seem to work.


Anyway, it installed quickly and the software version number on the phone has updated so seems to be okay.


Panning issue in low-light also looks okay but need some daylight panning to test it properly.


Otherwise, the update didn't bork my camera so all good as far as I can tell. :D