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Hero 7 Black GPS data video overlay not working

I got a GoPro Hero 7 Black for my birthday for the sole purpose of making car videos with GPS overlayed for speed, position etc.


In summary I have tried Mac desktop app, Windows desktop App, iPhone app, Android app, and am unable to show GPS gauges on my videos. This was the whole point of buying the Hero 7.  Worse still is the problem I encountered with each method already has an unresolved thread on this forum, some of them have been unresolved for over 12 months. I am about to put the camera on ebay and get a competitor to replace it.


I first tried the Quik desktop app on Mac but I was unable to import specific files from the camera, it would only import the entire SD card but there isn't enough memory on my laptop. I deleted enough data from the GoPro and the laptop to import a single (8minute!) video into Quick desktop app, only to find it doesn't recognise the Hero 7 GPS data so Quik gauges don't work.


I tried using my work laptop but that has Windows 7 and Quik is unavailable for Windows 7. The only recommendation on your website is to update to Windows 10, this is not an option as its a work laptop.


I tried using my work iPhone with the GoPro app but there isn't enough memory on the phone.


I tried using my personal android phone with the GoPro app but there isn't enough memory on the handset, and the app doesn't let me import files to the phones SD card that has more than 50GB space available.



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Re: Hero 7 Black GPS data video overlay not working

Hi @nimblesurf1583


Sorry for any troubles caused.

We have received reports regarding GPS on Quik for desktop.
This has been reported to the team and they are working on it.
In the mean time, you may use Quik fro mobile to overlay telemtry.
Other users also suggest RaceRender or Dashware.




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Re: Hero 7 Black GPS data video overlay not working

La mejor opcion es usar Dashware,y desde el programa, editar para añadir la telemetria. El resultado final es un poco inferior al original, pero en Facebook y Youtube, se vera genial.


Si eres pro, puedes exportar esta telemetria con fondo verde. Y desde Adobe Premiere añadirle esta telemetria en una capa, y en otra el video.Y asi no piedes calidad ni el Bitrate.


Aqui tienes un tutorial de como se maneja el Dashware con la Gopro 6

Tutorial como usar la telemetría del GPS de la Hero 6 Black con Dashware
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Re: Hero 7 Black GPS data video overlay not working

My suggestion is   to load a sample clip: go outdoors allow hte  guage to torun white nad stay white, we also requested to see the actual guage on the  livefeed screen, never did that happen as well the other icons we asked for,.


 once you got a 10 second sample use google drive or dropbox put it up here, and gopro themselves can check it to see if it works for you woih their workingsoftwares.


Otherwise welcome aboard to the issue we got on win 10 like me but the app works fine, dashwar good luck and racernder I use  if need it.

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Re: Hero 7 Black GPS data video overlay not working

I have bought an Hero6 black especially for GPS
My advices

Activate the GPS (!)
Be outdoor turn your go pro on
Wait 20 second and watch the GPS sign (a water drop as on Google map)
If you do not see it ====> the GPS is turned of
If you see it gray ====> the signal is not good enough (if you are in a tunnel get out) else move !
If you start without white signal your trip will be without GPS data !!!

If you start with white signal it will work

If you have problems with memory make a short film !
I use Quik on PC it works but huge files
I use the Android GoPro app it is surprisingly good ! Film are magically compressed with overlay (except map)

So try again and comme back to tell us
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Re: Hero 7 Black GPS data video overlay not working

[ Edited ]

Thats my problem too, I got Hero Balck 8 and while GPS sign is on I start a short video capture but the Quick Studio keeps saying GPS is not included !

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Re: Hero 7 Black GPS data video overlay not working

Again I will write more clearly (mybad B4)


Turn camera on  swipe down to prefrence to Region and chose GPS on the   first swipedown page watch the GPS Icon change from Gray to white.


Once it changes the GPS is NOT ready. it still needs more time to lock,  allow at least another minuted, sometimes 2-5.


now go take a 10 seconds clip,, transfer  off the camera into the App, and   edit with the Stickers, thegps Icons should be COLORED, if not then not enough time was given.  Or  obstruction, change  the location you are at  either by moving the camera off metal, under metal etc... even the ground you are on can cause interference, not many knew that, Reembar can cause issues.  I flew  rc quadcopters, before they were called drones, and had GPS,  simply put a piece of wood under got my lock.


GoPro like said are well aware that there a major issue on this and will work it  out.


GoPro also  upped the    app/ software  that it needs more of a lock to get a proper and more accurate  reading for perfect measurements.  and that is one good reason why we see it not working for us.


My suggestion is wait longer, fails to work goo luck.


Desktop  Hero 7 fails and up.

Phone app works with giving time


RaceRenderis the Solution to the Fix.  Or other.


Do check this URL link out about GPS it is a Solution

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Re: Hero 7 Black GPS data video overlay not working

Thanks for youre help. But the GPS data cannot be read with the Quik !
I checked my file using and I got the GPX file. For some reasons the native GoPro cannot read them.