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Hero 7 Black Freezing

So I just bought a GoPro Hero 7 Black the other week. I used to have a Hero 4 Silver and my new GoPro is freezing up all the time. Especially if I have the app paired to my phone and then try and take pictures by either hitting the remote shutter on my phone or the GoPro shutter it will freeze up the camera after a few photos. Especially if I go back to the media once I swipe thru a couple of photos the entire camera freezes up and I have to pull the battery. I’m hoping this just needs an update as I never had this problem with my Hero 4 Silver. Also my camera is up to date on all software and I do have an approved SD card so I know it’s not either of those issues.
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Re: Hero 7 Black Freezing

Hello @fitfly12,


If you have not done it yet, try manually updating your new camera. This is even if the camera may already have the latest firmware. Please  find the instructions below as guide. 

  1. Go to the Update page and choose your HERO7 camera.
  2. Under "Other ways to update" at the base of the page, click "Update your camera manually."
  3. Enter your Serial Number and other requested information, click Next Step.
  4. Click "Download Update."
  5. Click "Click here to download firmware."
  6. Follow the steps on the screen for detailed instructions for your operating system. 

Make sure that your camera is fully charged and that the SD card is formatted prior to updating. Let us know how it goes. 



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Re: Hero 7 Black Freezing

May I update manually if I already updated to 1.51 by app ? Can I update many times to the same version but diffrent ways ?
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Re: Hero 7 Black Freezing

Once updated, you can re-load the firmware as many times as you like, but only manually.
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Re: Hero 7 Black Freezing

One of hte things we donot do is   simply turn offour phones to restart and thetroubles go away due to a glitch or something incorrectly hanging.  Since we are wit hthe H7B Try to take hte sdxc card nevermentioned of  what brand and Full format, whiledoing so, then test out the camera, since there is no internal memory for photo or video you can play around going through settings etc. and if it freezes, like said manually get the firmware and place in the three files to an update file folder and reload.  fw 1.51  or until a newer firmware is released, if hte troubles are still tehre  youhave an option to 


Return, or replace depending o nthe time period you have with the purchase.  so pleasedo take thetime since you already owned a Hero silver you should know how to work it.

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Re: Hero 7 Black Freezing

I personally have several units ranging from hero, hero2, hero3B 5B, two 6B's and now 7B. and i have to say that I have these same issues. I have the latest updates,using a 32GB brand new micro Sd card. This thing is less than 15 days old and yesterday alone it froze up 9x on me. Pity too because I traded a hero 5B that worked PERFECTLY  for this.


Be sure to check your screen constantly, and i do mean constantly, or have it where ou can see it, to ensure the unit is still operating. even at 720P. If it does freeze on you, my experience has been that you have to open the battery door, break the connection for about 5 seconds and then replace it, close the door, and power the unit back up. nothing else has worked for me. And this happened under a fairly wide array of conditions. 


Sure I know, buyer beware and all. So my advice, if you have a 5 or 6 and are thinking about a warned. it may not be all that you have hoped for. 

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Re: Hero 7 Black Freezing

I have returned my H7B twice and the third device is no better. I have bought a new SD card and returned the same thinking that I need to elimate as many possibilities as I can. 


It is unfortunate that GoPro has not officialy come forward to admitting that there is a freezing issue.  

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Re: Hero 7 Black Freezing

@GoproSupport, the manual firmware download option disappeared from the hero7 firmware page.

i also have the freezeing problem. pretty frequently...
i am usually making short 20-40sec recordings. 1 of 8 attempts the camera stucks at the point where the camera shows the length of the recording and takes forever to get through this point. then it shows the total number of recordings on the card and freezes there. have the latest firmware, already manually updated once, i use 64g sandisk ultra card, 1080p60fps.

this is a very annoying problem, while the video quality is stunning, if the moment was recorded...