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Re: Hero 7 Black Freezing

Trade in cameras are not returned. It's in the trade in agreement.
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Re: Hero 7 Black Freezing

And that is the main reason why the "trade in" is not worth it.


Now I'm stuck with the 7 AND I lost the 5 (which worked perfectly by the way) with no hope of return. Well...fool me once.

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Re: Hero 7 Black Freezing

I have the same issue. It’s really irritating to have to deal with this problem with a GoPro strait out of the box.
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Re: Hero 7 Black Freezing

Sorry to hear about the trouble, @macabem58866. If your camera is already running on the latest firmware and is using a recommended SD card, please get in touch with our Support team so they can walk you through the next steps. You may reach them by phone or chat at Thanks!

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Re: Hero 7 Black Freezing

There is a serious flaw with this camera and GoPro will not admit to this cameras design/manufacturing failures. No SD card, SD format or "manual firmware update" will fix these issues.


This I promise you, you will not ever, as in never, receive a refund. The refund period is ONLY 30 days from purchase from GoPro.  And IF you request a refund during this time they will not do so and tell you that your MUST accept a warranty replacement. By the time all of this happens your 30 day window will have expired. So, their internal policies are such that you WILL NEVER RECEIVE A REFUND. 


I have been round and round with GoPro and am on my FIFTH camera in 67 days. I currently have a case open with my credit card company, have contacted the consumer protection agency (Federal Trade Commission) and am about to contact my states Attorney General. 


Good luck.

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Re: Hero 7 Black Freezing



After replacing the card with a sandisk extreme 64G the freezing is kind of gone, except every ~10th video takes forever to write to the card. about ~30sec is shows the lenght on the LCD then an other 30sec it shows how many wideo files I have on the card. then it is done.


I want to love my gopro, I always buy the latest version. I am the ideal gopro customer.... BUT! when I am looking at the Osmo action reviews and what they bring up against gopro is so trivial things like the touchscreen is working as a touchscreen supposed to work or they managed to put the favourite configuration quick access function that makes me sad. why Gopro can not fix these tiny issues and stay on the throne? why they want to be the Nokia of action cams? buggy firmwares, unresponsive touchscreen, SDcard issues and I could go on. it would be ok with gopro version 1, but not after v7!! please get your **bleep** together, and protect your throne and make customers happy with your product!

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Re: Hero 7 Black Freezing

glad you finally took everyones advice & can now see its the memory that was the issue all along, just not sure why your still thinking of a Osmo now tho

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Re: Hero 7 Black Freezing

it still does not seem stabil reading / writing the memory card. when I takes 60sec to save a 30 sec shoot, that is little worrying.