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Hero 7 Black Feature Request (via firmware)

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Not sure if these ever make it back to the product team @GoPro, but here's one of my top feature requests:

Allow the setting of Shutter speeds similar to how you can set ISO. Basically having both an upper and lower threshold for Shutter Speed. Right now, I have to lock in a shutter speed to avoid blur at low-light. But in dynamic scenes, that shutter speed may overexpose. An example: In the woods with lots of tree cover (MTB, motorcycling, etc), I like to use 1/240th to minimize blur (and it seems to really helpy Hypersmooth). But if I come out of the woods into a brighter scene, 1/240th will overexpose even at ISO 100. So ideally, I would be able to set a Minimum Shutter speed (and a max).

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Re: Hero 7 Black Feature Request (via firmware)

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Have eyou submitted there