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Re: Hero 7 Black External Power Issue

BTW: GoPro-support often seems to say, problems might be overheated related...


BTW²: Overheating could be better handled with e.g. a magnesium housing and tiny cooling fins (bing silver & reflective an additional advantage in direct sunlight...), instead of a double-layered black plastic housing. But okay, that would be the way to think, if you designed a PROFESSIONAL product.... *sigh*

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Re: Hero 7 Black External Power Issue


When mine fails it is the same as your test: using a 5w iPhone brick, GoPro USB-C cable, and full battery charge. However, I had mine record for 13mins once before it locked up and wouldn’t respond. The other times have been almost instantly like your examples.

Every time mine has failed, it has locked up proper like yours did a few times, requiring the battery to be removed.
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Re: Hero 7 Black External Power Issue

Well, I have a fix: shunt the supply rails with a 4700uF capacitor.


Here's a video of my testing.


Thanks for the inteligent comments folks! 


A follow up to the previous video. With a 4700μF capacitor shunting the supply I can record with an external charger. Marvellous. Here's the original I posted yesterday... That video consistently shows the fault.
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Re: Hero 7 Black External Power Issue

New to the scene, and my apologies if im repeating an idea/workaround... I admittedly got a bit exhausted on page 6 or 7 and skipped ahead to what's working for me.


I'm filming tattoo events, and its often hotter than ideal temperatures, but nothing like what many are putting a GoPro through.  However, needing to film time lapse and 12 hour events, a power bank is a much more budget friendly option than buying 10 batteries and having gaps in my footage.  


The problem:  It has occasionally shut off, like described here, and if I'm not there when it happens, there's no notification when I come back as to why it shut off.  It has been both cool to the touch... and so hot its hard to hold, so I assume there's possibly two problems.  


I'm using 

Hero7 Black, 256 Samsung Evo, 10k PowerBank, Included GoPro cable, skeleton housing

Shooting at 2.7k @ 60 (I'd like 4k, but I don't have the patience to fix every single video from a 12 hour shoot)


So to fix the issue, I've seen switching to a smaller card is an idea, which I can try for the random shutting off issue.  The overheating may be helped as well, but after an hour of testing, it seems it's getting just as hot at the same settings.  


What has helped me, and after 3 hours of constant run time, has left the camera cool enough to stay on and not turn off for any other reason... is to remove the battery.  While this isn't an option for some, I'm sure - it works for the initial problem.  The battery lasts about an hour, and with my power bank it seems to be close to 6 hours (which should get me through a 12 hour day given I'm not filming even half the time).  So, why drain and charge the battery for no reason?  


Using the unit without the battery still leaves it warm, but again, after 3 hours it is nowhere near as hot as before.  I have the resolution still at 60fps, the 256 card back in the unit, and so far so good.  Hopefully this is an easy fix for others using external power to try. Swapping cables, updating firmware, buying another card... all things I didn't want to do so I'm glad this is working for me.



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SOLUTION: Hero 7 Black External Power Issue



Please go to this link where I have found a solution to this power issue;

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Re: Hero 7 Black External Power Issue

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I agree with snowydawn above.


Shooting with an Anker external battery with no internal GoPro battery is how I do it.

It would initially turn off at random when using the GoPro battery as well.


I use 128GB and can record 4k @30FPS for 2-3 hours depending on activity duration.


Downside is if the Anker external battery messes up then you lose the camera.


I also have small USB LED lights that I taped up with black electrical tape so you can't see them glow.

I use one of those in the open USB port on the Anker external battery + GoPro battery inserted to keep everything running.


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Re: Hero 7 Black External Power Issue

Please find a simple solution that worked for me while using external power here;


I used the power cable that came with GoPro Hero 7 and I always use Duracell 10000mAH power bank for external powering for 1.5 to 3 hours successfully without any hiccupps.


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Re: Hero 7 Black External Power Issue

Generally, I use a Duracell powerbank with the GoPRO charging cable with my GoPro Hero 7 Black for 1.5 hours to 3 hours without any interruptions in recording. The power bank was fully charged and the battery in the GoPro was around 80% around on one occassion, 95-98% during another occassion.


The process was followed as mentioned below;

  1. Connected the Duracell power bank(10000mAh) with the GoPro charging cable that came with the GoPro Hero 7 Black
  2. Powered on GoPro with the fully charged battery loaded
  3. Finally, started recording. Ambient temperature: 30deg Celsius


The above process was tried for different durations ranging from 1-3 hours of timelapse photo & night-lapse photo recording.