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Hero 7 Black Continuous recording

I have seen previous threads regarding the need for a high capacity SD card for long recordings as well as needing to keep the camera cool.  I have to record a in person training session and already have a 256gb card for the Hero 7 as well as a couple of back up batteries, but the question is that i read that I can maximize the card by changing the settings to record @ 17mbps, but cannot find anything as to how or where to change to those perameters.  As for batteries, is it possible or recommeded to run this off of a battery brick (Like what you haul around to keep your phone and other items charged)?  

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Re: Hero 7 Black Continuous recording

video resolution can be changed.  placing protunes will increase the Bitrate up some. and  the rest is more or less set already.



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Re: Hero 7 Black Continuous recording

Hi @cgardad72


Other users suggest to remove the battery and let the camera  run off an external power source for long recordings.