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Re: Hero 7 Black Camera freezing and recording isn't missing.

I loved my hero7 black with 1.51.  My only issue was the slow hypersmooth panning stutter.  Since updating from 1.51 to 1.61, I'm having the same freezing issues with my hero7 while it's not recording, requiring the battery to be removed, and clips that looked like they recorded fine are missing from the card.  1.71 sounds like it has even more problems.  Please provide the 1.51 black firmware so I can go back to a working camera.

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Re: Hero 7 Black Camera freezing and recording isn't missing.

Yes GoPro. Please provide the 1.51 firmware. I want to roll my camera back and see if the freezing clears up.

I got a second camera returned from GoPro, and it’s working with v1.51. I’m afraid to upgrade it.

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Re: Hero 7 Black Camera freezing and recording isn't missing.

I found Hero 7 Black 1.51firmware on my tablet.  It was on there from using it to update the Hero 7 to 1.51


I'm going to try and roll it back from 1.61 to 1.51 and see if the freezing stops.

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Re: Hero 7 Black Camera freezing and recording isn't missing.

YES!!!!  I have my all time favorite camera back.....  I like my Fusion too...., but it's a different beast.


Hero 7 Blck with 1.61 firmware was functioning horible. Just came back from the Keys and had a very frustrating time with my favorite camera, and found that seven clips non-replaceable clips were missing from my SD card. Upsetting. Followed all the support ideas today of formatting(Not quick) the card. Fresh 87% battery.  Within fifteen minutes, the camera was still freezing, and out of sixteen 4k60fpsW video clips, one was missing. I started looking around, saw the 1.51 firmware on techspot, but was scared to try it. I did a search on my android tablet for "" and found the 1.51 firmware on my tablet. See my previous post for its location.  Put the 1.51 UPDATE folder on the SD card, and inserted the card into the camera.  The battery was dead, even though the camera was turned off at 78% not too long ago.  I installed a charged battery, powered the camera up, and it changed the firmware back to 1.51, same SD card(64gig that came from gopro with the camera) and did nothing else, no reset, no nothing.  All my settings were retained after the firmware downgrade. Hyperlapse 4k/10x was still configured, and 4k60fpsW was still configured.  I just started shooting clips switching between those two modes randomly.  45 minutes later, no problems.


The camera now works great again!!!!  No freezing. No missing video clips from the SD card.  No draining the battery when it is off.


I'll put up with the two known 1.51 bugs of the jerky horizontal slow pans and having to make sure hypersmooth didn't get turned off when you change video resolutions.


1.61 is broken:  

1) The screen freezes, even(mostly) when it's not recording.  Even when there isn't an SD card in the camera. 

2) The screen goes black, but the icons move around in a delayed fashion to match the cameras oreintation. 

3) If the screen freezes while it's being used, and you don't remove the battery after turning the camera off with the power button, it will drain the battery until it is dead.

4) Biggest of all, it loses video clips.  These are non-replacable "action" clips on an action camera.  Truly sad.


All these people sending cameras and SD cards back to vendors costing everyone thousands of dollars.  What a shame.


On a annoying side note:

Anyone else notice that as the Blue banner changes at the top of the support hub screen you text bounces up and down two inches?

"Free 2-day shipping + returns" Up

"Money-back guarantee. Learn More" down

"Free SD card with all cameras. Only on Shop Now" up