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Hero 7 Black Camera freezing and recording isn't missing.

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I shot some footage two days ago on my Hero 7 Black, and I had installed the latest update just prior to shooting.


I was experiencing a strange screen freeze when I wasn't recording. The camera was set to shoot 1080 60fps, and the display would just randomly freeze. I tried switching to photo mode and back to video mode to see if I could unfreeze it. Sometimes it worked, but it was sluggish and made the camera unavailable to use for several seconds.


I was able to shoot some footage, however two clips that I shot don't seem to be on the card. I'm attaching a photo of the file list on the card.


While I was shooting, I got no indication that the camera was having problems. The display was working, it wasn't freezing, then and the red light was flashing. When I tried to stop the camera, everything seemed to freeze then. The display froze, the counter froze as well, and there was a red light in the display like it was recording, however I don't believe it was. The camera at this point was unresponsive, and I finally had to pull the battery to get it to reset.


I tried to play the clips in the camera display, and the two clips didn't show up. I also couldn't find or play them when I attached the card to my computer.


You can see from the file list that the files GH010705 and GH010706 both have zero bytes.


I'm very disappointed that my footage is missing. I've never had a GoPro fail like this, and I can't get those moments back.

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Re: Hero 7 Black Camera freezing and recording isn't missing.

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@Anonymous - It's possible that those two files had errors as they were saving. One thing to check is that the SD card you're using is compatible with the GoPro you're using. A list of compatible cards is at


If you have another card from our list that you can try, it would be good to see if that second card has the same issues. It would also be a good idea to reformat the SD card you're using. You can do this in the GoPro itself from the menu options. Note that reformatting the card will erase the card, so be sure to save what's on there first.



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Re: Hero 7 Black Camera freezing and recording isn't missing.

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Thanks Jeff. I was using the Sandusky Extreme V30 64gb, which I pulled out of my Hero 6. Would that cause the camera to freeze when I’m not recording?
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Re: Hero 7 Black Camera freezing and recording isn't missing.

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I'm also having issues with constant freezing. I've return 2 Hero 7 Black's so far. I'm on to my 3rd now, which still has issues but less so than the other 2. Recording in 4k 60fps cause instant freezing and unresponsiveness, need to pull out the battery to restart. Dropping it to 4k 30 fps still causes freezing but less frequently.

Search YouTube and Google and these forums plenty of ppl are having the same issue... Hopefully will be fixed with firmware update.

I really think gopro released this way to early as there are clearly issues. Will be returning my third camera when I'm back from holidays

FYI I'm using gopro approved Samsung EVO Select 128GB Micro ssd
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Re: Hero 7 Black Camera freezing and recording isn't missing.

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Thank you for sharing your observations, @keiranh0. We have this reported to the team for a closer look. Did you have your exchanges via GoPro? Is there a case number that we can use as reference? 

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Re: Hero 7 Black Camera freezing and recording isn't missing.

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in 1.51 never had this kind of issues.


updated to 1.61 - without formating before the SD card

and I encounter in 2 days, 3 times exactly what you said.

- split video screen 

- freeze image

- at the end freeze camera


Plus, the camera was slow responding:

- in menu

- power on/off

- when stop a video recording

- in undestand voice commands 


What I did is:

- factory reset on H7 - I did not make the initial setup (language, pair with phone, etc....), power off

- format SD card in the laptop

- copied the UPDATE folder

- made the manual update

- format again the SD card

- went through the initial setings (language, pair with phone...)


the effect is visible:

- camera moves between menus very well

- no more delays in responding to power on/off, to video stop recording

- understands the voice commands better

- I recorded more than 70h of video since, all 4K, with and w/o Protune, w and w/o stabilization, as long as 3-4h each- no more freeze, no more issues.


give it a try...


---and do not forget the rule of tumb:

- gopro is not good at all in dealing with "holes" in the SD card space

- so do not delete files from SD card

- copy what you need from the card

- and format it from camera menu before starting a new video session


just me,





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Re: Hero 7 Black Camera freezing and recording isn't missing.

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I tried using my camera again today after the lastest update (1.61) and still had screen freezing and lost a clip.


I'm not sure how to read the micro sd card.


Will this card work with the Hero 7 Black? (I'm attaching a photo)


Are other people having problems with this camera or firmware?



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Re: Hero 7 Black Camera freezing and recording isn't missing.

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Hi @Anonymous


Yes, the SD card is compatible with the HERO7 Black.


Have you tried running a manual update?

Though your camera may be running on the latest version, the update is still recommended to clear out any issues.