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Hero 7 Black. Battery drain. The solutions topic

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Hi to all. This is my first gorpo.
I wanted one for years, and i am very happy with it
I have the usual battery drain issues.

I am now in the process of cheking another memory card.

I want to ask something different.

If this is a so common problem, how do you live with it?
Clearly many people doesent bother enough.

Besides that I love the camera, and I suppose many people, regardless of this irritating problem. (@gopro you should fix it. It spoils the good image of your product)

If I remove the battery will it damage the battery pins for example? Will gopro at this case fix the camera?

You Just charge it more often?

Is there anyone that solved competely the problem?
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Re: Hero 7 Black. Battery drain. The solutions topic

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Many  reported, still not enough to get the problem reolved, they did report they fixed it in fw 1.08 or so.  You may try all the possible solutions of that topic, at the end gopro wins.


will the camera get warrantied, read the warranty,  and simply just contact GoPro on anything, then let things go, thinking it  is not covered.  g ood luck in contacting gopro today best of luck! accordingto thecensus here  many posts are that, I guess we all do not see these posts because we only careabout the one we make.




 battery has bencharged, on 60% last time I looked over a number of weeks,