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Re: Hero 7 Black Battery Issues

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@mariustanyaBattery life seems to be more than ok, especially comparing to my old Hero 3 Black. No draining or anything else odd. I charged the camera three days ago and haven't use it since. Battery level shows now 98%.

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Re: Hero 7 Black Battery Issues

Awesome! Thank you, @mika7171

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Re: Hero 7 Black Battery Issues

There is definitely an issue. I charged my GoPro and it had been on about 70%. Left it off for a few days and it was completely dead when I went to charge it. It has the latest firmware and I am using a SanDisk SD card (Extreme Plus) 128GB.
Charging is using the official cable that came with it.

Will this fix be resolved with an firmware update?
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Re: Hero 7 Black Battery Issues

Hello @jimmyamigo


Good to know that your camera has the latest firmware and that you are using a recommended SD card. What charger/adapter are you using with the charging cable? Will you be able to send us a picture of it, as well as the specs (input and output). 



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Re: Hero 7 Black Battery Issues

Just out of curiousity, how many of you with the battery draining issue have GPS turned on? 

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Re: Hero 7 Black Battery Issues


As for the hero 6's, I have tried it with gps on and off and still drains. Tried swapping batteries with my other gopro's, still drains. Voice is off, etc. No card in. On the one's with battery drain issues, it is hardware related as all of them do not have battery drain issues. Ones with battery drain issues can usually be resolved with rma one time to several till the person get's one that does not have the issue. I just gave up on mine, as they have bigger problems with the intermittent shut downs that do happen on every one I have, including the hero 7.

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Re: Hero 7 Black Battery Issues

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Re: Hero 7 Black Battery Issues

Hello @mariustanya 


I am using an apple charger and the usb c cable that came with the hero 7 black.


The specs for the charger are:




input: 100-240v

output: 5.2v


Battery seems to be working fine but it still does not charge to 100%.


I will be testing how the battery holds a charge with gps and wifi left on.


I want to think doing a manual firmware update may have fixed the orginial issues with the battery level jumping around. I first did a firmware via the app on my phone. One thing I did think of is when the gopro creates a wifi and the phone connects to it, you are downloading the firmware via cellular data and my connection is not strong. Just a thought.