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Re: Hero 7 Black Battery Issues

Hello, I am from Bulgaria.


I'm very disappointed with GoPro Hero 7 Black battery.
I've been using the camera for 2 months, and I've tested all sorts of things.


I have had Hero 5 Black; Hero 6 Black, and now Hero 7 Black. I'm very familiar with the battery problems of previous camera models


The battery of my GoPro Hero 7 Black is C.


I charge battery when the microSD card is removed.
I charge battery with original GoPro USB-C cable.
Charge with minimum 1 Amp chargers:


- Sonny EP880 - Output: 1.5A
- HTC TC E250 - Output: 1A
- Xiaomi MDY-08-EC - Output: 2A


The battery can never be charged up to 100%. Charges up to 95% and stops charging.


I have also noticed when the camera is charging and turning on the battery rates jumps unobtrusively - from 55% - 69% - 88% - 95%


Also, when charging the red LED light never turn off.


Also, when I do not use camera, with turned off GPS, Voice Control and Wi-Fi, the battery falls for about 20-24 hours.

Certainly the manufacturer has a big problem with camera batteries, which costs $ 429.99.


When will this issue be corrected?


If it can not be upgraded, I am of the opinion that manufacturer must send a free battery to all users that works correctly.

In fact, if the company thinks that consumers are important, they must necessarily provide a battery with no problem.


If we still want Gopro users to "inspire you every day with incredible creativity that helps you see the world in a whole new way - and we shoot to continue to create the most terrible and innovative products", it must take immediate action.


I have tested with a factory reset - the condition of the battery is the same.
I have tested in any way described in this topic by GoPro users and administrators.

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Re: Hero 7 Black Battery Issues

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I used the Gopro hero 7 for the first time yesterday. And it is very very disapointing. 


I could make 4 shots of 2,5 minutes and my battery was dead Smiley Sad  ( it was 100% charged before )


I had set it to 4k with 60 frames per second and with hypersmooth. Besides that I had it connected to the remote control with which I activated the device. 


Is this really it ?   Then I will bring back my Gopro hero 7 to the store and ask my money back cause this doesn't make sense at all.. 


Besides that .. you deliver cables wihtout a power plug????? we pay a lot of money and you dont deliver a complete product????  


Overall I am not satisfied with the product. The image can be good but even with good quality image the product can be useless. Or at least not convenient to work with. 


What can be done about the battery life ?  



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Re: Hero 7 Black Battery Issues

A frimware update will be released in December.

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Re: Hero 7 Black Battery Issues

GoPro supplies it all to get you started, they can supply a full kit   They can supply kits for each need, GoPro did htat back with the Hero 2. a surfers  kit, a AUto kit. then later on a music kit.  These kits never included  ac   charger plugs, mics. but hte surfers kit included a  3m adhesive for the board, the auto a windshield mout.   So now imagine gopro made a Kit, camera only, No cables, no battery, no  brackets. and lowered to a reasionable price. they make money on it.  b/c some of us already have  the  accessories from our other cameras..


Gopro will not offer a battery, they will not even offer a paper or note that there is a issue in the box. GoPro did offer over the phone when called. Please udate your camera  right away...   GoPro is aware of hte problem as @aragon1006  and @danielr15 and myself pass the owrd around  that in the weeks to come a  newer version firmware will be released to correct  issues.  What issues are these. GoPro knows and does not offer much. but htey did chime in stoked about it.


If we want GoPro to do something not just us everyone must go into a thread, and  note, let them see how many peopleare dissappointed, and must  go into the Feedback.   We all do testing, and it leads to more then just the battery.  these are my thoughts out loud



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Re: Hero 7 Black Battery Issues

I bought my GoPro Hero 7 Black about two weeks ago from a local shop in Italy (I also own a Hero 3+ Black).
I think I left it (by mistake) for about 24 hours with the QuickCapture on and ended up with an empty battery. That's how I got to this topic.

In case in anyone is interested, here are some specs:

The first problem that I had was while doing the update to version 1.51. It got stuck during the update and had to restart the camera. After that, it seemed to have installed the update — it showed the update steps 1/2, 2/2 on the front screen.

Now, about the battery. Firstly, my GoPro can charge the battery to 100% in about 2 hours either plugging it to a PC USB port, using a Huawei phone charger (5V-2A output) or using an Anker PowerCore. I have only used the USB-C cable provided in the GoPro box.

Then, as I mentioned before, I noticed a battery drain over a 24 hours period when I left it with the QuickCapture on by mistake. All the other things were off (all connections off, VoiceCommand off, GPS off). After that, I read about 35 pages of this topic and decided to do some full charges/discharges cycles to format the battery. I have also formatted the SD card using the GoPro menu.

Here are some things I noticed during the charges/discharges I did to format the battery.

  1. After draining the battery by doing a continuous 4K recording, I immediately plugged in the GoPro (hot at is was from recording) to my Anker PowerCore for charging (using the USB-C GoPro cable). GPS, WiFi, VoiceControl, QuickCapture were all on (to help drain the battery faster). It started charging but the red LEDs were turning on and off randomly. After 2 minutes it stopped charging -> I know this because the LEDs on the Anker PowerCore turned off as well (and those remain on during charging any device). I removed the USB cable from the GoPro, removed the SD card and then plugged the USB cable back into the GoPro. From this moment on, the charging went normally. After charging, when I put the SD card back in, the back LCD flashed one time.

  2. After another battery drain by filming continuos 4K but this time with GPS, WiFi, VoiceControl, QuickCapture all off, I plugged the GoPro back to the Anker PowerCore for charging, after letting it cool down a bit. The SD card was in. When I plugged in the cable into the GoPro, the back LCD flashed one time, it started charging (the Anker LEDs were on) but the GoPro red LEDs were off. After 2 mins I removed the cable from the GoPro and plugged it back in. No screen flash and from this moment on, the charing went normally.

  3. Another battery drain with 4K recording, another charge. This time, before the charge I removed the SD card. The charging went normal, no screen flash, the red LEDs were on from the beginning until the end of the charging.

After these cycles, I wanted to know how much the battery would lose after 24 hours.

  1. I left the battery at 100% in the GoPro with the SD into the camera, SD had recordings on it. After 24 hours and two very short power on/offs, it read 98%.

  2. Then I recharged the battery in the GoPro until the red LEDs were off. Turned the GoPro on, it read 99%. Took the battery out of the GoPro, left if for 24 hours, put it back into the GoPro, power on, 99% again.

Then I bough 3 x SmarTree batteries 3.85V 1220mAh 4.7Wh + SmarTree charger from Amazon. All made in China. I charged all the SmarTree batteries in their own charger. They all read 100% in the GoPro.
I left one in the GoPro with the SD card inside the camera (the SD had recordings on it). After 48 hours straight and 3 very short power on/offs to read the level of the battery, it still read 100%.

I do not think I can draw a conclusion but I just laid out here the data from my tests in case it helps anyone. I probably missed some test situations but I'm not working at GoPro so yeah.

I didn't do the manual update of the GoPro, I think I'll try directly manual for the next firmware update to avoid any issues from the start.

I will send this test results to GoPro as well ( and and I hope it will help them to identify and fix some bugs.

I do hope they will provide a steady firmware version in December that solves all these little glitches and bugs because I really like the video quality of the camera. If not, in the future I will consider turning to other action cams manufacturers because I have to admit that I am a bit dissapointed.

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Re: Hero 7 Black Battery Issues

Como ya he dicho, esta es la tercera GoPro HERO7 Black que tengo.
En un primer momento no cargaba al 100%. Tras actualizar y hacer un ciclo completo, ya cargaba al 100%.
Hoy me la he traído a la playa y he grabado bajo el agua por primera vez.
Parece que todo funciona correctamente.
Agotaré la batería y cuando la cargue espero que llegue al 100%.
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Re: Hero 7 Black Battery Issues

I have a different scenario with my Hero 7 Black. I also bought the dual charger in addition to the Hero. The batteries were charged in the charger and not the camera. I have two SanDisk Extreme Pro 128 GB cards. (Thanks B&H photo for having them on sale for $89.99 ea.) I also have two two SanDisk Extreme 128 GB SD cards available for a DSLR camera to play with if necessary. I put a SD card and battery into the camera and paired it to my IPad through the app. Of course the first thing it wanted to do was perform a software update, so I let it go ahead. The software appeared to update successfully. I noticed on the back LCD the battery level indicator was showing FULL, but the text showed 90%. On the front of the camera, the battery level was showing as 80%. It looks like the left hand and right hand have no idea what the other is doing. Specifically here, the front and rear displays. I removed the first battery and put in the second fully charged battery and I had the same front and back battery report; 90% in back with a FULL battery indicator and 80% battery level on the front LCD. Just posting this observation without taking videos or photos as it appears to be not relative.
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Re: Hero 7 Black Battery Issues

Here I am sharing what is just happening