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Re: Hero 7 Black Auto rotation

Danielr15 so u think That the problem is what People are asking? Maybe its logic for you that All older gopro and 50€ chinese cams to be able to do it and not gopro flagship....
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Re: Hero 7 Black Auto rotation

Same issue here. Gimball effect is only on display of gopro 7 black. Not on footage....
This is where I bought it for...
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Re: Hero 7 Black Auto rotation

I agree pieterc185 this is why I bought mine too...but I have to use my GoPro 6 black instead of the GoPro 7 black for now..until they fix this issue
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Re: Hero 7 Black Auto rotation

Hopefully Gopro will fix this soon.
They know about the issue for months now....
For now the 7 black is a downgrade for me.
Do you think they will fix this issue?
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Re: Hero 7 Black Auto rotation

Orientation is set when you start recording. If your Gopro is upside down when you hit the record button. Your footage will playback correctly. I don't see why this is never explained when these issues come up


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Re: Hero 7 Black Auto rotation

I've posted my question in a new topic.

I should have explained my issue better is this topic though...


I quess my new topic shows the "issue" even better. I added several images.

You can watch it here: The topic I started


My questions still are:


- Why can the image be correct on the lcd display of the gopro 7 black, while filming, and why isn't it (i.e. on the same display) while playing?

- Several youtube video's about the "gimbal effect" do show a steady horizontal horizon. How can I get this effect on the footage?


Thank you!



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Re: Hero 7 Black Auto rotation

I bought GoPro Hero 7 Black, have the same problem with upside down video recording..


I do not get to "Down" or "Up" options.

When I chose Touch Display > Landscape >off/On, I do not see any options for down/up.

Can someone guide me through?



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Re: Hero 7 Black Auto rotation



When it is turned off you'll be able to use portrait mode and landscape.


When landscape lock is on you'll be allowed to use landscape mode.