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Hero 6 x Hero 7

Hallo, its a 14 days ago i bought new HERO6. IT was mentioned on your eshop as newest model. I bought at local store and after 14 days i can see, there is a new model HERO7, without any further info why HERO 6 was stopped. 
I feel somehow cheated, is there a way how to change my HERO6 to HERO7. If i knew that i would wait 14 days i bought new HERO7 for same price. 

Thanks for your interest.


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Re: Hero 6 x Hero 7


Hi @royalwater26226,


You may contact the store or if it's purchased from our website please contact our customer support team and they can assist you with that.




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Re: Hero 6 x Hero 7

14days ago the Hero 6 was the latest model, they now stopped production because of a newer model.


pictures & info of the Hero 7 had been leaked about a month ago now

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Re: Hero 6 x Hero 7

@royalwater26226  Let us know how that chat or talk went  Ihope they  accept the return as there isa 30 day return policy  for gopr sire purchasers?