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Re: Hero 6 shows the true calibre of GoPro

I agree completly with the first poster alexmac74. I have had no end of problems with my new Hero 6 liek other people in the forums


grainy footage
turns on and starts recording by itself
jerky choppy footage with missed frames
randonly adding highlights
random double screen image.


And like him have opted to send it back before i end up out of my 30 day return window. I wasnt willing to gamble on a firmware fix to only find out it didnt fix anything and i was out of my return window.


Its not a one off case lots of people seem to be getting lots of similar issues. I will keep track of if these issues are resolved and hopefully they will be soonn at which point i may consider purchasing again but for now i can't gamble £500 on it.  I am really dissapointed.

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Re: Hero 6 shows the true calibre of GoPro

If and when the newer model Userbility gets  updated, only time will tell.   like other members and youtubers good or bad. 500.00 is the set sale prive over 550.00 plus  If it drops  below 400.00 it's on my list..  New it is improved it is   I can't wait  and see  how they  correct.  



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Re: Hero 6 shows the true calibre of GoPro

hi all,


I understand you guys, it is perfectly normal to be not pleased with these.


me? I enjoy every day with my new hero6. I know his limits, and I know they are because of the v01.51 firmware....many were not in v01.00


in v01.51 gopro pushed the software too far: too sensitive voice command, too grainy dark parts of the images, too "stabilized" images that lead to glitch, jumpy image, etc......somehow the algorithms for stabilization and HDR are not the right ones...


my filling is hero6 is a very powerful platform as hardware, due to the new GP1 processor.

and the firmware will solve eventually the reported issues.


hero5 also had some issues, I remember the writing on SD card with errors,  the stabilization in low light, the upside-down metering when advanced exposure is used (when you pointed the brighter part of the image, all the image became brighter, instead of upside down, to became darker), and so on...

all were addressed and solved in the new firmware releases... 2.51 seems to me very stable and good one.



all these are known and reproducible issues.


grainy footage                                              -D
turns on and starts recording by itself           -A
jerky choppy footage with missed frames    -C 
randomly adding highlights                             -A
random double screen image.                        -B


A  =

-    just turn the wake on voice off, or even voice control - in a loud environment, could generate  interesting  results


B =

- stay away from 4K30fpsSuperview mode

- use PAL not NTSC as video mode


C = reported missing frames and glitches

- remove ALL, auto low light - put instead directly a lower fps when dark - see the test I made that pinpoint to ALL 


D =

- pixelation even in good light - as I said, they push the HDR algorithm too far. 

- in low light, I found out that PT: shutter 1/25, ISO max 400, sharp no high, is better than non-PT mode.


only my thoughts,



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Re: Hero 6 shows the true calibre of GoPro

that oldsaying  it has to get worse to get better!