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Hero 6 screen (LCD) noise / attached

Hey Guys, I dont recall the other Hero6's I returned doing this. It does it in all lighting conditions, and any mode, video or photo. The interference is hard to see in bright light but its there. I took these inside to emphasive the issue. Is this normal behaviour?

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Re: Hero 6 screen (LCD) noise / attached

In the videos you provided it just looks like the camera is trying to compensate for the light differences which is causing a flicker. If you're getting this a lot, especially with even lighting, then you may need to exchange the camera. From what I saw, it doesn't look abnormal but that's just a small sample.
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Re: Hero 6 screen (LCD) noise / attached

Im actually having the same issue, and i also dont know if its normal. If i try to view a photo in the gallery the moving noise are still there. Did you happen to drop your gopro?