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Re: Hero 6 reset by itself

I’m experiencing the same issue during a cold day on the skies ... really anoying cause i would like pal as video setting and every reset return to ntsc.
Today this occurrer about 6 times.
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Re: Hero 6 reset by itself

Has anybody on this forum actually fixed this problem without returning the gopro?

I just bought the hero 6 and am extremely bummed this is happening to me, it’s my first ever gopro and I am not particularly impressed by this (not to mention a bunch of other things) - especially since I now need to spend lots of money couriering this back to the states since it was bought for me as a gift on Amazon in the states (and I live in South Africa) and I am likely to miss the return date.

Does gopro have any updates beyond this? Is this even something that could be fixed through and update? Or is it generally just a unit problem?

And yes... I have followed just about every single but of advice, bought the exact micro sd card gopro said to, I have not used it in extremely cold conditions, I have the problem pretty much every couple times I turn it on

Any other suggestions other than having to try return it? It seems like returning it is the only fix