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Hero 6 - invalid GPS data in continuous video

I have recently recorded a continuous 55 minute video from a dirtbike ride with GPS logging enabled. The video was saved as 7 individual files (as expected), the first two files in the sequence contain correct GPS data however the data in 3rd-7th file is completely unusable and jumps to hundreds of miles away and thousands of ft in elevation. 


See this export -


First segment is completely OK, second segment has a glitch and then it's a complete mess.. looks to me like a buffer overflow or a similar issue with a longer recording. The camera was on my helmet, with clear view of the skies, my GPS tracker on the bike recorded the entire ride without a single glitch.


I really don't think my dirtbike does 500+ mph...


I have seen this happen before, this was a second clip in a sequence and this time GPS data once again went completely crazy for about 2s:



While on the subject, I would expect Quik to recognize an uninterrupted video sequence and combine GPS data from all files to show the total distance/track profile etc from the entire video.. right now you can only use 8 minute sections which is completely unusable...


Also, is there a way to have Quik process multiple files an add gauges so that I can then edit those in a Premiere?



Uploaded by Martin Dohnal on 2018-01-03.
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Re: Hero 6 - invalid GPS data in continuous video

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Martin, if I were you, I would export it to Strava... I'll become KOM instantly for many routes...Smiley LOLSmiley LOLSmiley LOL


just kidding...

yep, seems that GPS on the camera is not as sensitive as it should.

there are some posts here with altitude errors, etc.


I'll say only that maybe, GPS has a limited sensitivity, and maybe, because of the power management, not the fully GPS calculation algorithm is implemented.


GPS signal is an infinitesimal one and can be influenced by factors outside the atmosphere, despite the lovely weather you had, or by any 1.5GHz 1.2GHz foreign signal.


As per Quick feature, yep, would be nice.






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Re: Hero 6 - invalid GPS data in continuous video

I get enough flak for using Strava on a dirtbike already, no need to rally up the masses even more ;)


I'll do some more testing but from what can tell this is really only an issue with 2nd and all consecutive videos in a sequence. I have recorded 40+ short clips a different ride, all of them under the 8-minute mark (where the file splits for 2.7k 60fps video) and they all had correct GPS data.


This and the fact that it gets progressively worse as you keep recording is why I'm hopeful that this could be a SW fix not directly related to HW...


Again, I recorded this ride on another GPS device without a single glitch, my buddy had Strava running on a phone in his backpack and that came out OK as well.. so either it's in SW or the GPS chip on the GoPro is really crappy which this day and age seems fairly unlikely..

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Re: Hero 6 - invalid GPS data in continuous video

hey Martin,


looks like we have a case and we have to report it to GoPro.


what changes when filming a long time? temperature?


may I ask you, if you have time, to complete the feedback above, maybe with links to the videos downloaded somewhere in the cloud?


GoPro has to know about it, maybe they can reproduce and address the issue in a further software release.  


thank you!





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Re: Hero 6 - invalid GPS data in continuous video


as per other devices Polar, Garmin, my Samsung smartwatch, the mobile phones...they are build for GPS tracking.


and some, as my phone use AGPS, Assisted GPS, takimg into account mainly the GPS signal, but assisted by Wifi known locations, by mobile signal from towers, etc....

I do have, in da office, GPS signal indoor on my Samsung S8+ !!!!! "sees" 6 usable satellites signals!!!

my old Samsung S3, without getting outside, no GPS signal in the same location.


have a good one!





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Re: Hero 6 - invalid GPS data in continuous video

I provided the feedback to GoPro, let's see if they ever respond.


I tested it again yesterday, short clips work perfectly fine..


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Re: Hero 6 - invalid GPS data in continuous video

I have à similar problem with my Hero6. I use it in a small aircraft and the data are wrong....

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Re: Hero 6 - invalid GPS data in continuous video


Hi @megapeak85168


Sorry for any troubles caused. I suggest doing a manual software update to try to correct the issue.


Let us know if this sorts it out. Alternatively, you can contact our Support Team for further assistance.