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Hero 6 in timelapse for 12h, power bank problem

Hello, I have a hero6 black for one year now, and stiil have a problem with the powerbank, if I use my power bank (5V, 2.1mA) it charges the GoPro once and then it stops, so when baterie goes empty it wont charge GoPro again, I don't know if the problem is about the GoPro software or the power bank.

Plus can you tell me if with GoPro oficial Power bank it wors ok? Meaning, if I use GoPro power bank my unit will be on until the powerbank runs out of power??


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Luís Santos

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Re: Hero 6 in timelapse for 12h, power bank problem

Hi @luíss35,


Have you tried using it without battery and use a powerbank instead. 


It works best without battery since the camera might be using the battery power instead of the powerbank.