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Hero 6 grain and blue hue after update 1.60


Second GoPro Hero 6 Black that I purchase with issues. First one got so many issues I return it on the next day. Second one was purchase from GoPro website and I got it a few days ago.


Haven’t been able to do real test as I been busy with work but here are some examples indoors with the following settings Shutter Auto, 12MP, Raw/Protune On, EN Comp 0, ISO Min 100 ISO Limit 400, White Balance Auto, Sharpness Medium, Color on two of the photos Flat, other two are GoPro Color. No edit at all, straight from the GoPro.  Micro SD fully formatted in the computer before installing update 1.60 manually.


Here are some test pics:









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Re: Hero 6 grain and blue hue after update 1.60

Are you asking if your camera has issues or just showing results. If you want to know if the camera is faulty, no, it looks like what the camera produces.

If you are just showing results and want to know how to change them, then I'd suggest maybe adjusting the white balance.

This is what the Hero6 produces. Will they continue to improve it, I'm sure they will. Will you ever get the same low light results as a camera with a much bigger sensor? No. GoPro does a great job tweaking the firmware to get amazing shots in most situations, but there are hardware limitations and trade offs. Change one setting for one situation and it effects another.

Overall, the pictures look pretty good and definitely have a GoPro look. You can bring down the blues in an editor if you want by adjusting the color curve.
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Re: Hero 6 grain and blue hue after update 1.60

Thanks Daniel15 for your input... Sorry this is my third attempt on positing about my issue, first two got deleted for some reason and I didn’t finish adding my question to the post.


My main concern is the fact that I get a Blue Hue…look at the photos. And I ran the same test with my GoPro Hero 3 and Hero 4 and I do not get that awful Blue Hue… Yes some o itf can be corrected on post. but this is not something I expect from a $500 GoPro.