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Hero 6 freeze with external battery pack

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I have 2 Hero 6 cameras. 

With one of them only, I am having problems powering from external battery packs using USB power.

When trying to power it this way, camera generally freezes after 20-30seconds and disconnects from app (either hitting record from app or GoPro itself).

I need this functionality for the work that we do.


- Have tried with muiltiple battery packs (same issue)

- Using same cable, powering with AC power supply works fine

- Records fine with internal battery

- Powering with external battery with my other GoPro Hero 6 (same type of cable & battery) works fine

- Firmware 02.01



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Re: Hero 6 freeze with external battery pack

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have you tried running it without the internatl battery & just off the powerpack, that's how I normally have it if running for a long time

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Re: Hero 6 freeze with external battery pack

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So, yes...tried it plugged into the external battery pack (without the internal battery) and it worked fine.

This is not a fix though, as we need to be able to plug/unplug the external as well as charge the internal throughout the day!


Any other suggestions as to how this can be fixed so it works with internal batt (like it does on my other Hero6)?

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Re: Hero 6 freeze with external battery pack

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Hello @anthonyr61


Have you been able to try the Portable Power Pack ?




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Re: Hero 6 freeze with external battery pack

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Did you switch batteries between the working Hero6 and the one that only works with the battery out? Perhaps it's just a battery issue.