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Hero 6 footage frozen can't play back videos

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So far I never had problems with my gopros footage. I use this gopro hero 6 for half a year now. I used it in every kind of fps trough this 6 months and never had a problem.


Now we went skiing and the recorded videos' 90% are damaged. When I play back the videos the picture at a random point of a video freezes and stops but the audio continues to go.


I tried to play with every kind of software. (GoPro desk,Mediaplayer,VLC,Premiere Pro) nothing has worked. It doesnt even play on the gopro or on my phone.


My question is if there is any solution for this? I recorded really important things so I really need them to be repaired somehow.


Thanks for the help in advance.

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Re: Hero 6 footage frozen can't play back videos

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Hi @4leaf,


May I know what is the resolution of the video and the specs of your computer?

Also what SD card brand and model are you using?


It might be due to system incompatibility if ever you used a high resolution or high frame rate or SD card problem. 


Please try to post the video on Youtube or any cloud storage and send it here so that we can check.





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Re: Hero 6 footage frozen can't play back videos

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Yes sure! Thanks!


The damaged videos were either - 1080p 240fps - 1080p 120fps or 1080p 60fps.


SD Card : SanDisk Extreme Plus 32gb |1| - micro sd hc I 32gb


Cumputer specs :


footage :


Thank for the help again.


btw some more info to be able to figoure out the problem : the gopro froze sometimes that day and the batteries were going down fast(guess because of the cold)

but its still weird that trough the year I never had problems with 240fps records, but maybe i only used it in 720p im not sure. But still why the 60 and 120fps videos corrupted as well...

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Re: Hero 6 footage frozen can't play back videos

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Hi @4leaf


I am really sorry to hear about the damaged files.

If the files are not playing correctly even on the camera itself, there's a chance that these files were corrupted.

Try formatting the SD card through the camera's menu then do some test recordings with the same settings.

SD Cards that Work with GoPro Cameras


If it's still the same, please do a manual update.


Let us know how it goes.