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Hero 6 Has Worse High ISO Performance Than Hero 5?

So I decided to make a YouTube video comparing the ISO performance of the Hero 6 to the Hero 5:


The exact settings and firmware I use are in the video diescription, but basically both cameras are on the latest firmware and the 6 had 3200K vs 3000K for the 5 white balance. All other settings were the same.


You can check the video out for yourself, but I was surprised to see that the 6 performed WORSE than the 5. The 6 may have a very slight edge at ISO400 and below. Otherwise, a blue tint starts to become more apperent as ISO increases. Last year I did an ISO comparison of the 4 vs 5 and the 5 had improved ISO. Since GoPro was advertising this feature this year, I expected at least a similar improvment.


Complaining aside, I've been very happy with the camera otherwise, and it does do many things much better than the 5.


Any thoughts? Has anyone else experienced this? I doubt my camera is broken, but are other 6 owners seeing similar results?

Last year I tested the GoPro Hero 4 ISO performance to the Hero 5. This year I compared the 5 to the new 6. Unlike like year, it looks like things have taken...
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Re: Hero 6 Has Worse High ISO Performance Than Hero 5?

GoPro Hero6 v01.51 in low light shows a very strong color noise. Can be rid of using Native white balance. But it is very inconvenient. The GoPro Hero4 didn'...
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Re: Hero 6 Has Worse High ISO Performance Than Hero 5?

Wow, I didn't realize how big of an issue this was. Interesting to see that the problem goes away when using native WB. It gives me hope that they can fix it. That would put it on par with other cameras, but I still wish (and it seemed like it was a selling point) that it was better than the 5.