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Hero 6 Black power light not turning off when charging

Dear gorpo support

I bought my gopro few days ago, and I didnt know when it was full cause the light didnt go off. I have charged it on wall charged of 1V, 2V, and 4V and it was all the same. On the first gopro I tried with onether original battery, bought separety, and it when off(light) after 2 hours.
I traded first gopro in store, got second, iz was all the same. Then a got third one, this one in newer, cause the letter on front of camera are in colors and battery has a plus and minus signa on it(first 2 didnt have that, only an extra battery did). But the charging problem is the same.
What can I do? I really want to use a new gopro, and I really cant understand how is it posible that in 2018 the best action camera in the world has that kind of problem on the newesr model?!

Hope u can help me

Thank a lot

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Re: Hero 6 Black power light not turning off when charging

I did the updating new software with all 3 of them.
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Re: Hero 6 Black power light not turning off when charging


Hi @valentina2204


I am not sure why it all behaved that way. The camera status light should turn on during charging and should turn off when charging is complete.

From a completely depleted battery, it can take about 2 hours using a USB wall charger or about 4 hours if a computer USB port is used.


As there were several replacements already, please let our Support Team know to have this issue logged and investigated.


You may contact them via phone or chat.




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Re: Hero 6 Black power light not turning off when charging


Just to clarify, do you have one battery that works properly (purchased separately - light turns off)?  If so, it sounds like you are just having issues with the batteries that are coming with your camera.  I have a few batteries and most do not give me issues but I have a couple that have behaved similarly to what you describe.  I have noticed that after a few full uses, charging and discharging, this has mostly gone away, but every now and then it does return.  You might find that after a few full uses, the issue mostly goes away.  If not, you should consider exchanging the battery.  Also, be sure to run a MANUAL update on your camera.  This also seems to improve the battery function.  Finally, if you have set your camera up for automatic cloud updating or have left your connection settings on, sometimes the camera charge light remains on as the camera uses power to upload or search/connect to your mobile device.  Try turning connections off before you charge to see if it fixes your issue.