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Hero 5 black stops recording randomly

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My Hero 5 black with firmware v2.70 using a formatted SanDisk Extreme Pro 128 GB SD card will randomly turn off while recording. 
Card format from PC is FAT. 
Contacts on card are clean and card stays locked.  
Video format is NTSC. 
Used on chin mount of motorcycle helmet for commute of 1 hour 10 minutes one way. 
Battery fully charged each time used. 
Data deleted every other use.

I really like the product but, defeats the purpose of use if it shuts off randomly during video recording and an accident happens without capturing or confidence in the product. 
What else can cause this? 
Please help.  

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Re: Hero 5 black stops recording randomly

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SD card corruption can cause this.  When your camera crashes or stops recording, it causes SD card corruption.  SD card corruption causes your camera to crash or stop recording resulting in more SD card corruption.


To Fix:


1:  Backup any data on your card.

2:  Put card in your PC and perform a full format of the card (not a quick format, a quick format does not fix SD card corruption, only a full format does).

3:  Once the SD card has been formatted, put the SD card into your camera.

4:  Perform a format of the card in your camera (this sets the card up to use the optimal format and block size for recording).



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Re: Hero 5 black stops recording randomly

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Thank you irishmanpdx.


I performed a full format on the card and then went into camera settings to a format afterwards. 

I'll know if this solves the problem in the next day.