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Hero 5 black downloads to tablet in 3 fkrmags

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I have a gphero5 black. When I try to down load to my Samsung galaxy tablet it downloads in 3 formats, MP4, THM, and LRV. I can only view 1 format, MP4 so I lose 2/3's of my videos. What do I need to do to get all videos to download in MP4? If you say add a app to my tablet please tell me which one.


Thanks in advance,

W Chenault

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Re: Hero 5 black downloads to tablet in 3 fkrmags

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Hi @fastriver14816


Check out the information on this article: What are .thm and .lrv files?

You can also check Supported Resolutions for Copy and Share in the GoPro App


Are you missing some parts of the video? Say if you have a 30 second video, you only get 25 seconds?

Or is it possible that you had a long recording and the files were chaptered? GoPro Camera File Chaptering Information





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Re: Hero 5 black downloads to tablet in 3 fkrmags

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Aragon 1006, 


I can view the recordings on the go pro.  My problem is say I record 3 videos, no matter the length. I download to my tablet to add with my pictures and write stories of my rides. After tney have been downloaded I go to view them on my tablet and all I can watch is the MP4 video, can't watch the others. I want to know why it shows 3 different formats for 3 videos when tney were all done the same. I'm very disappointed in gopro for doing this. I want to download into my gallery with my pics and pick which ones I want to put with my stories without having to jump through hoops and having to take alot of extra steps which costs me more time. Like in the above attachment I showed, as of now I can only view 1 of 3 videos on my tablet in my gallery. Again how do I fix this? 


Thanks for your input

Wendell Chenault

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Re: Hero 5 black downloads to tablet in 3 fkrmags

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Apparently you didn't read the first link that was given to you


thm are thumbnails. There is nothing to watch.
lrv are just low resolution copies of your mp4 videos. If you are watching the mp4 videos, you are watching the exact same thing, just in higher resolution.