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Hero 5 black died out of the box.

I bought a hero 5 black from Macau, and in the store it worked well (with no SD card). When I got back to China mainland, I found I can't turn on it, and there is nothing on screen, no any sound, and no red light on. I tried to charge it, the red light flash for once, and then nothing happened but the device became hot.
I got no chance to even try it, and this device only brought me complaint of my wife.
The store I bought from offered me a free return, but it can hardly help because I am thousand miles away.
What can I do now?
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Re: Hero 5 black died out of the box.

Little more info: Nothing happened if I connect it with my MacBook.
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Re: Hero 5 black died out of the box.

I pick the phone up, I call that store, I ask them if I can send it  in via Potal service, and have them ship to me, if you believe it was dead at home and not out of the box.


Take the battery out of hte camera let sit for say 30 seconds,  and put back in. 


Everything is ready to charge now, you got the right rated 1A charger, when you put in to the charger you may see a ledt flicker and hten 8 seconds later a solid red led. you are good.  if 10 minutes pass I unplug and  hold dowm the mode  for  10 seconds and then retry.