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Hero 5 Session(s), external mic issues

tl;dr - have two Hero 5 sessions, official usb-c adapter, and two different suggested mics, only hearing 'pop' at start and no audio recording afterwards.




I've had a pair of Hero 5 sessions for a short while now, and decided to try using an external mic on them for better audio quality. I've already picked up the usb-c adapter (the official one), but I'm having no luck with the mic's.


I've tried both the Azden i-Coustics EX-503i and RockDaMic Professional Lavalier Microphone, ones that different people / write-ups suggested.


The Hero 5's are both updated to the most current firmware.


I've tried both powering up the camera before starting the recording and just going with the record button. In both cases during the camera boot-up it displays "mic ok". However, when I go to play the recording back on my computer, I only hear a "pop" sound at the start of the recording and then no audio afterwards.


From the app I've tried both 'standard' and 'powered' mode on the mic setting with no difference in results.


I'm definitely getting a bit frustrated, and would appreciate any help or input on what I could be doing wrong.

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Re: Hero 5 Session(s), external mic issues

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If I had the time I woud do a video.   so I would suggest trying every option along with turning on/off features.  Possible that the mic or mics purchased are  4 pin and not a 3 pin mic?


As said you will need a 3 pin mic not 4 pin


3 pin = left, right, ground

4 pin = left. right. mic. ground. 


when plugging in a four pin mic you will need a 3 pin adapter or else you are missaligning your pins to  the port. why you may be frustrating over something overlooked, if that is your issues from the  links.


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Re: Hero 5 Session(s), external mic issues

So ordered a 4 to 3 adapter from Amazon, that appears to have made both mics work. 


What's particulary wierd, though, is that one of the mics came with an almost identical adapter (seems to just be missing a resellers silkscreen), and that didn't work.


Ah well, time to set things up and give it a try.