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Hero 5 Session has corrupted SD card

Hi all


I have gone through 2 SD cards that have been corrupted by my Go Pro and I'm getting quite annoyed at shelling out for them. Both times, the SD card has been a SanDisk Extreme 128GB. The first one I assumed was my fault for getting it in and out of the camera and that somehow I manhandled it wrong. Tried formatting it to no avail, took it to my IT department at work who said it was impossible and I would need a new one. Bought a new one, worked fine for the first month, left it in the camera over summer. I have returned to use it today to find it has also been corrupted. Tried reformatting it, still corrupted.


Has anyone else had this issue? I'm using an approved SD card which is reasonably expensive and very sick of having an expensive camera which I can't use and have had to delete a lot of important footage as a result of this fiasco! I'm within warranty still so should I take it back?

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Re: Hero 5 Session has corrupted SD card

Hello @quickdive38028


Sorry to hear about the trouble. This case is odd. How does the camera behave when the card gets corrupted? Did you get any error message or notification on the camera? Since you have encountered the issue, have you been able to manually update the camera firmware? The camera may already have the latest firmware so a manual update is necessary to get rid of any possible error that associated with the current installation. For a more personalized support, you may contact our Support team through When you do, please have camera information, proof of purchase, and sample pictures ready to get assisted as quickly as possible.