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Re: Hero 5 Black sd error

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@granddusk81166 wrote:
Just hero 5 black out the box this afternoon and have.found.myself here. 2 different micro SD cards and no ability to use the thing.

And.60 pages of SD card errors.on their community forum.....

Not.a.solid indictment of the product. I'll be getting a.refund.asap.


Good Thinkin' Boss !!!  That's what I did with the 4 and two 5's.  The 6 however I've had total success with.  Oh, and a friend of mine got a 5 for Christmas and just now told me he had it as he wanted to set it up to go to Hawaii this week and I went to his house and after start up, format of the card, it went blank and would not come on again.  We did everything in the world that I've listened to on here and nothing.  DOA.

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Re: Hero 5 Black sd error

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I am sorry for any troubles caused.

What SD cards have you tried so far?


If you’re getting an ‘SD ERR’ message on your camera’s LCD screen, this means that your camera can't properly communicate with the SD card.  Here are some steps you can take to resolve the issue: 

Please note: Ensure that you back up any pictures and/or videos before you proceed any further to prevent loss of footage.

If you are seeing 'SD ERR' or 'SD ERROR'

  1. Make sure that the SD card is fully inserted in the camera.
  2. Please enter the Settings menu and select the trash can icon to Delete All/Format your SD card. You can also format the SD card using the GoPro App or your Mac / Windows computer. This will wipe the SD card clean of all data including any potential issues that may have been causing the error. Exit your settings menu and the camera should return to a normal display. 
  3. If after performing the troubleshooting above, you see this error after recording in a high-resolution or -frame rate mode, it's likely that your SD card is unable to keep up with the camera's output. For further validation, please try a secondary card from our Recommended List for the best performance.

Let us know how it goes.




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Re: Hero 5 Black sd error

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hello all,

I’ve been having the “sd card error” issue as you guys with san disk extreme 32GB u3 red and yellow. I have hero 5 black.

Did all the recommended fix with no luck.

Today before I went to order the alternative card (samaung/Lexar)

I tried to operate with “sandisk ultra 64GB A1 class10 (gray/red)

And…it works just fine!!  WTF!!! With 10MB/S bitrate how come

I’m already shooting 15min straight on 4k 25fps

Now I am confused maybe my extreme card was a faulted one?

Maybe we don’t need such high end card over 10MB/S?

Or maybe extreme edition is really a problem.

Your thoughts.

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Re: Hero 5 Black sd error

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SanDisk release some bad SanDisk Extreme cards right around the time the Hero5 Black came out. The latest Extreme (the one with v30 printed on the card) seems to be much better. I can't remember if it was on this site or on reddit, but there were some users who reported that they contacted SanDisk who acknowledged the issue with the card and replaced it for them. You should try contacting them and see if they will exchange the card.

The other possible issue is your card might be counterfeit. It's not as common with 32GB cards as it is with 64GB and larger, but it does happen. If you purchased from a reputable source (not Amazon), then this is unlikely, but worth looking into.
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Re: Hero 5 Black sd error

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can anyone confirm if this card works?

sandisk extreme pro.PNG
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Re: Hero 5 Black sd error

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Do I really need 240Mbps card for gopro? isn't 60Mbps is enough?

I have a drone phantom 3 PRO that shoots 4K at 60Mbps with 10MB/S card in it with no problem.

R we over shooting with the cards here?

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Re: Hero 5 Black sd error

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I went through the pain on Sandisk errors and like many got mine replaced at the time with a V30 card (which is certainly more reliable but not without the odd failure). Sandisk made quite a fuss before exchanging eg I had to provide photo proof of the original card (whole then cut up) before they honoured an exchange and by that time I had already bought a replacement Lexar card anyway. I had about six months of failures and missed filming opportunities (including one holiday abroad) and to this day I still have little confidence that my Hero 5 Black will perform when required. More recently I have taken to using my Camera on a daily basis and after one month of use the Lexar card has operated faultless whilst the V30 card has failed on 3 out of 30 occasions. I'd recommend getting the card replaced but imo it still won't give you 100% guaranteed reliability. I have had no failures of the Lexar card since purchasing last year.
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Re: Hero 5 Black sd error

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My experience with SD cards (all 64GB unless otherwise noted):
Hero5 Black
SanDisk Extreme (2016) - occasional SD error, Camera lock up, and "repairing File"
Lexar 1000X - no issues
Samsung Pro - no issues
Samsung Pro+ - no issues
Samsung Pro Select - Occasional (but less than SanDisk Extreme (2016) Camera freeze and "repairing file"
SanDisk Extreme v30 - No issues

Hero5 Session
SanDisk Extreme (2016) - Camera overheating, battery rapid loss, SD Error, Locking up. It worked for the first week and then gave nothing but issues
Samsung Pro - no issues
Samsung Pro+ - no issues (the primary card I use for this camera)
Lexar 1000x - no issues
Samsung Pro Select - twice got "repairing file"

Hero6 Black
SanDisk Extreme v30 (32GB) - no issues
Lexar 1000x - camera lock up when switching from h.264 to h.265 and vice versa
Samsung Pro - no issues (but not used extensively)
Samsung Pro+ - no issues (but not used extensively)
Samsung Pro Select - camera froze once and one time had "repairing file" (this was before last firmware update on camera)
SanDisk Extreme v30 *64GB - One time unresponsive camera when trying to turn on (reinserted SD card and camera worked fine), one time "repairing file"

SanDisk Extreme v30 (2 cards in camera) - No issues

I film events, family, surfing, climbing, mountain biking, hiking, driving and real estate. I do both video and photo (including time/night lapse). I use my cameras 3-5 times a week on average and usually record anywhere from 64GB to 256GB of total footage each week. I usually use Protune, HDR and RAW but mostly turn off Protune if I'm just filming family and making Quik Stories.

I own the Hero HD (original 1080p GoPro), Hero2, Hero3 Silver, Hero3 Black, Hero3+ Black, Hero4 Silver, Hero4 Session, Hero5 Session, Hero5 Black, Karma drone & Grip, Hero6 Black, and the GoPro Fusion.