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Hero 5 Black - permanent red light on LCD screen

My GoPro is brand new, having only bought it last month. I was using it in a pool the other day, when it became extremely hot and turned itself off. I then could not turn it on again until I charged it. I charged it using the supplied USB cable and since then the red light by the LCD screen has been permanently on, even when the camera is off. When I turn the camera on it flickers, and when I turn the camera off it remains as a solid red light. It only disappears when I remove the battery, however the moment I re-insert the battery, the red light comes on again (even if the camera is still off). I don't know how to fix this - I have updated the camera and completed a factory reset. Nothing is working. Please let me know how I can resolve this as the red light drains my battery, even if the camera is off. 

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Re: Hero 5 Black - permanent red light on LCD screen

Did you contact gopro

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Re: Hero 5 Black - permanent red light on LCD screen

Had the same issue with the red light remaining on. Or sometimes flickering on and off. I had to pull the battery to get it to completely go off. As soon as put the battery back in, the red light went back on. I tried contacting GoPro. It's 99.9% impossible. Whether by phone, chat, or email. So I took the GoPro back and got a refund.