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Hero 5 Black + external mic + external power = problem

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I had weird audio problems with external microphone. The audio was missing from some videos but usually the camera worked just fine.


I kind of figured it out. If external microphone is used with external power (powerbank) and the external power is removed, the sound is missing from every recording after that. Camera reboot will solve the issue. Plugging external power back in won't solve this.


I have been living with the issue for years now because GoPro support didn't have a solution for the problem and I assumed that this is a "feature".


Is it possible to someone in the forums to try this with their camera? 



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Re: Hero 5 Black + external mic + external power = problem

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Replying an update to my own question. I tested this again with latest firmware updated manually.


The audio problem occurs when the camera is plugged in to a powerbank and the external microphone is also plugged in and the camera is turned off. The powerbank can't be unplugged during the camera is turned off. The audio will be missing if external power is unplugged and camera is off. 


1. Camera ON + External power + external mic

2. Turn OFF camera

3. Unplug external power

4. Turn camera ON

5. Audio missing/distorted


This sounds like unlikely event but it is a real problem to me.