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Re: Hero 5 Black did freeze while SAVING msg on LCD and now doesn't turn on anymore!?

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I am using a SanDisk micro SD card. Have the same issue with freezing window. Changed the microSD card. Same issue experiences again. Two my my trips did't get any good videos due to this issue. 


I have upgraded my Hero 5 to the latest firmware. 


Please advise. 


By the way, your chat NEVER works and there is no e-mail. In my opinion, gettin in touch with GoPro support has become far more diffcult. 

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Hero 5 Blacks Freeze on time laps while taking photos or while saving!

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Hi GoPro

I run a skydive company and supply 20 cameras to our instructors, 


We are having constaint problems with the cameras freezing while running on time laps mode. 


The only fix is to remove the battery. 


We have tried muiltple diffent sd cards.   


Absolutely sick of it! how many models of go pro do you need to make to make them a reliable camera?  Should we go back to using Sony? 


on a side note!   why do commercial users have to go through retail stores? it costs me $12000 every time you up date your cameras just so customers know we are using the latest model? 



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Re: Hero 5 Blacks Freeze on time laps while taking photos or while saving!

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I'm very dissapointed in the quality of this GoPro Model. I've owned the first commercial GoPro and the Hero3, and this Hero 5 gives me the most trouble. I've already had a bad battery out of the box AND sent the original back TWICE, once for repair (wouldn't turn on), then for a replacement (keeps corrupting SD cards/SD car errors). And now, the replacement unit is having this SAVING FREEZE issue. At this point it's very frustrating.


This camera was a gift meant to capture precious moments like my 2 yr old neice going for her first beach trip. Now I have to figure out how to recovery this video from an SD card that got the SAVING error. I'm so pissed!!!! 


Bottom line:


Y'all need to send me a NEW MODEL camera that works. Do not send another broken HERO5! A new camera is what my wife paid for as my gift, and that's what I deserve. Not this POS, buggy Hero5 model. How many times do I need to send this back under the warranty? By now GoPro has probably paid for a new camera in the shipping costs of all the returns!!! 


This is beyond ridiculous at this point!

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Re: Hero 5 Blacks Freeze on time laps while taking photos or while saving!

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I can see how frustrating the situation is, @djtantrumrocks. This is definitely not an experience that we would like you to have. As a case has already been created for your concern, it would be best to get in touch with Support again to get the issue completely resolved. You can use the same case number for reference. Best regards!