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Hero 5 Black beep codes

Hi all,


Trying to adjust to this new camera, having a hard time.


Can someone please link to the -entire- list of beep codes and what they mean? Especially 1 long beep followed by 5 short ones.


Having issues with the camera stopping recording half way through with this error code, also with it dying and not coming back until the battery is pulled and put back in. Have lost hours and hours of good footage because of these issues.


Have tried various SD cards (which all work fine in my other camera) and am trying to record at 1080/60fps.



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Re: Hero 5 Black beep codes

Sounds like your having an SD card error where the camera is having issue writing to the card and trying to repair the file (long beep) and then shuts off (rapid beeps).

Instead of just saying various cards, please list which cards (make/model/size/version) as well as what settings you are using.

Do a full format of your SD card in your computer (not quick). Reset the camera and run a manual update. Once completed, do a format of the card in the camera.
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Re: Hero 5 Black beep codes

By settings, I mean if you are using Protune, stabilization and GPS.
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Re: Hero 5 Black beep codes

Have tried various formatting procedures


FOV: Wide

Protune: Off

Stabalisation: On

GPS: Off

Audio: Wind Reduction (locked)


Cards used:


4x Lexar Platnum II (Class 10, SD XC1, U1)

4x 64GB Sandisk Ultra (Class 10, SD XC1, U1)

2x 128GB Kingston Technology (Class 10, SD XC1, U1)


None are an issue in the other camera, also recording at 60fps, 1080p.



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Re: Hero 5 Black beep codes

Definitely don't use the SanDisk Ultra or the Kingston. I don't know much about the Lexar Platinum. The only two Lexar cards that are known to work are the Lexar 633X and 1000X.

I know logic should dictate that if the card works in one camera it should work in all, but it's just not the case.

It's impossible to know for certain if it's a SD card error (which this appears to be) or camera issue, unless you are using a tested and recommended card.

If you can, get one of these cards

If you can't borrow one to test with, you should be able to get a 16-32GB relatively cheap.

My personal order of preference:
Samsung Pro
SanDisk Extreme v30 (it will have v30 printed on the card)
Lexar 1000X
Samsung Pro+
Lexar 633X
SanDisk Extreme (non-v30)

When you get the card, download and install the manual update (even if your are on the latest firmware). If it's not a new card, format it first.

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Re: Hero 5 Black beep codes

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I'm not buying a new card library. These cards meet the minimum specs outlined by the manufacturer, if the camera fails to function using them, it will have to be returned as it's not fit for purpose. They work absolutely perfectly in a Sony camera, so why not in a GoPro?


Back to my original question, does anyone have the full list of beep codes and what they mean?


So far:


3 beeps: Record start

5 beeps: Record end

Long beep: SD error


Is that all of them?

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Re: Hero 5 Black beep codes

It's your SD card(s). All the codes in the world won't help you. Best of luck.
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Re: Hero 5 Black beep codes

Why is a beep code chart so hard to source? I'm not the first to ask this question, and having access to such a chart would have avoided this entire question to begin with.