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Hero 5 Black Protune Wav sound concern

I have gotten  three excellent files with Protune raw sound High Med and low, if anyone likes a copy  


Here is the WAV for DL

And here is hte  original video with original sound.

and I believe this is the  High WAV.




This is  a Country Concert Travis tritt singing. it is loud and the music came out just fine.


I have tried my best to get the   protunes to work  since Nov 2016 and I  have  gotten tonight again a file or two, but fighting with   what seems to be a hit-n-miss with  an unstable camera is absolute no fun


A) Quik is not supported


B) GPS (GoPro studio) not supported at all, 


Both programs will need updating and they are?  I use Quicktime the latest and the audi  for these  files play, audacity they play, Magix they play, Cyberlink they do not.  This is like  guages  of Quik, a codek is very unstable and the  audi is far worse teh nteh  internal and original.  I hope some one can get this resolved, and tell us its not me and its a  missing  firmwre problem.  Maybe WAV is the wrong format to be used and MP3 is the correct as WAV is outdated by years.


I beat this to death, and my  only solution is to  use a  promic today.


C) wav file  will  add to your stoage use, and  simply stays behind when deleted but is a glitch if asked.  on your machine


Nothing in this World is perfect, and that I now turn off Protunes  audio to stop wasting my valuable   sdxc card space. And thart works for me. until a solution comes about.  SO I suggest  to all to do the same  shut off the audio in protunes.



Posts: 8,748

Re: Hero 5 Black Protune Wav sound concern

Not many are interested, or I see many viewing, so I take no offence at all.  I know this is something so simply overlooked. Only way I can now confirm this is to redo what I jsut did. will it be perfect as my  samples no. due to the poor sound of gopro, but I like to  finalize this when I recievve my accessory  the nt   say  hit-n-miss again I now know what it can be. so I wil lretry a few more tries.  Practice makes Perfect Fish, right