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Hero 5 Black LCD screen blank

We recently bought a brand new hero 5, it worked perfectly for a couple of weeks. 


Two days ago I downloaded Quik to my Mac (previously we were looking at pics on my husband's Windows laptop but this was damaged) and imported the newest photos, which worked fine. 


Since then, the camera 'works' fine but, as lots of people have reported, the LCD screen is blank. We've tried the following:

1. Format the SC card (which yes, is one from the go-pro-approved list). 

2. Update manually (no updates are available on Quik).


Anything to try next? We bought the camera direct from the US and are based in Colombia, are we able to take it to a Go Pro shop here (if they even exist) or do we need to return it to the USA??


Thank you!

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Re: Hero 5 Black LCD screen blank

The most common cause of the HERO5 Black giving a blank LCD screen is from the SD card being improperly set into the small gap next to where the SD card goes. Unfortunately, there isn't much you can do other than either exchanging the camera or replacing the screen yourself (which is costly, voids warranty, and ruins the waterproofing).

GoPro does not do repairs. if you can find a shop that will do it, just know that there are no GoPro certified repair centers, so if they say they are, they aren't. This doesn't mean you can't use them, but GoPro does not certify or guarantee their work. The other option is trying an exchange at the store where you purchased the camera.

Finally, if you have GoPro Plus (free for the first month) , you can exchange the camera for a small fee. If you decide to go this route, be sure to sign up first and then contact the GoPro Support Team.

GoPro Plus camera exchange is not available in Columbia, but if you have a USA (or other qualifying country) address that you can ship the camera from/to, it's an option.

If you want to try doing the repair yourself (not recommended) you can find out how here

The cost will end up being the same or more than replacing the camera with GoPro Plus, so I recommend going through GoPro if you cannot (or if its just more inconvenient) get an exchange at the store where you purchased the camera.