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Re: Hero 5 Black LCD screen blank

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@boldstoke82677 wrote:
1) Is this the common problem with the camera?
2) can I return this problem persists?
3) I bought the camera in US, I hope it has international warranty, I live in Australia.
Appreciate if you could respond to my email:

Certainly if you are within the return policy of the store where you purchased the unit, you could return it.  That of course is my personal recommendation from day one with any product; that is, if the product is not performing as it is supposed to, and within the stores return policy, I always return it for an exchange (new one) or refund if I am upgrading to another product from the same manufacturer or another brand.  However, if past the stores return policy period, then obviously that option isn't available.


However, if within the stores return policy I never do warranty, I always return; in part, so that the manufacturer can receive the defective (not working properly) product and learn what is wrong with the product and resolve the matter so that others don't experience the same defect experience.


Lastly, a personal recommendation would be that if the GoPro is a 3, 4 or 5, I would definately do everyting within my power (including returns if not working) to get my hands on a GoPro Hero 6 as my personal experiences with the former have been bad while the latter quite favorable with both GoPro 6 units.