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Hero 5/6 Live Steam to an Android Smartphone using HDMI-out and WiFi

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Im looking to stream the live video from Hero 5 or 6 models (not while recording) to an Android Smartphone which will run my own comemrcial app (i cant use 3rd party apps, need to develop mine) to be viewed, processed and recorded on the phone.


My Questions:

1. Can i stream the live video over WiFi in a standard protocol which my app can read (i.e. RTSP/RTMP,RTP etc)?

2. Can i stream the live video using the HDMI-out and connect it to an Android device which has either USB-C (like Galaxy S9) or USB-Micro? If so which cable do i bneed to buy? How will my Android app be reading the video (any known protocol or encoding)?




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Re: Hero 5/6 Live Steam to an Android Smartphone using HDMI-out and WiFi

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Hello @agilerange30241


Thank you for reaching out. Please see below for response: 

  1. There is no application/feature native to GoPro (camera and/or app) that would allow live streaming over Wi-Fi on an Android device. There is Periscope that works with iOS. 
  2. The only way to stream video live via HDMI is through an HDTV (camera actually needs a microHDMI cable for such connection).  You can learn more about this on page 37 of the manual

I hope this answers your questions. 


Best regards,