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Hero 4 session will not stay connected!!!

I’m just about getting to the end of it now with this heap... I’ve had the hero 4 session from brand new since Christmas and have had non stop problems with it time after time!

It just won’t keep its WiFi on when I’m trying to use the app, just turns off then the camera turns itself on and off on and off until I manually select turn off.

All I can download is 10sec video if I’m lucky and it just cuts out.. really takes the pee for extortionate money they are, seems like I’m not the only one either.

I’ve done all the procedures you say, forget this and forget that and reset this and reset that... still no difference...

In fact the reason I’m so wound up now is I’ve just had a good surf and come out to look at the footage... I can’t.

So I reset this and reset that and go to re-add the cam as a new device etc etc, can’t even do that because the WiFi won’t stay connected.

I put this down to the same scam as iPhones, every update is to slow down the old ones to make you buy a new one, I certainly won’t be buying a new one knowing it’s just going to shut down when the new one comes out.

Please show me the light and tell me what the hell is going on!

Rant over, yeeeew!