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Re: Hero 4 freezes / compatible micro SD

Yeah, that micro SD was even sold as a package with the GoPro. :/
I know the quality of a card can vary from a piece to another of the same model and that's a pain in the bottom. Hopefully the internal hardware and bios weren't the cause, otherwise I'm screwed.
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Re: Hero 4 freezes / compatible micro SD

Glad to hear it seems to be working!

When you run the firmware update you are resetting most of the bios so it should fix any issues there. As far as hardware, it's very unlikely that it went bad without significant damage (water or drop) happening to the camera. There are options if you're willing to do a little DIY and pay for parts, but generally this is about as expensive as just seeing if GoPro will give you a discount on a new camera.

If the issue happens again, try a manual update with a new card (if you can borrow one or just use one from your phone, if your phone has one, or other device). If the issue persist with a second card, then it's time to contact the Support Team.

For DIY instructions and parts, I use this company

I've done a couple rebuilds of cameras I picked up on craigslist that had been dropped in the ocean. The tools, parts, and instructions I got from ifixit worked great. Hopefully it doesn't come to that for you.
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Re: Hero 4 freezes / compatible micro SD

Keep to a reformat as general practice and you  be good.  got to love pkg deals a way to dump old stock